Initial Study Report -- Draft

Alaska Energy Authority
Susitna-Watana Hydroelectric Project

Issued by Alaska Energy Authority, 2014.

February 2014.

Assigned SuWa Number 207.



Study Plan SectionInitial Study Report
cover letter

Susitna-Watana Hydroelectric Project, Project No. 14241-000 ; Filing and distribution of Draft Initial Study Report

Letter dated February 3, 2014.
4.5 Geology and soils characterization study
5.5 Baseline water quality study

5.6 Water quality modeling study
5.7 Mercury assessment and potential for bioaccumulation study
6.5 Geomorphology study

6.6 Fluvial geomorphology modeling below Watana Dam study

7.5 Groundwater study

7.6 Ice processes in the Susitna River study

7.7 Glacier and runoff changes study
8.5 Fish and aquatics instream flow study

  • Fish and aquatics instream flow study
  • Figures
  • Appendices A - C
    • Appendix A.   Hydrologic data collection methods
    • Appendix B.   Biological cues study
    • Appendix C.   2013 moving boat ADCP measurements
  • Appendices D - F
    • Appendix D.   GINA initial study report 8.5 data files
    • Appendix E.   Tributary gaging site schematics
    • Appendix F.   Tributary gaging representative site photos
  • Appendices G - I
    • Appendix G.   HSC histogram plots
    • Appendix H.   Periodicity tables
    • Appendix I.   Lower river hydraulic model calibration

8.6 Riparian instream flow study
9.5 Study of fish distribution and abundance in the upper Susitna River

9.6 Study of fish distribution and abundance in the middle and lower Susitna River study

9.7 Salmon escapement study
9.8 River productivity study

9.9 Characterization and mapping of aquatic habitats

9.10 The future Watana reservoir fish community and risk of entrainment study
9.11 Study of fish passage feasibility at Watana Dam

9.12 Study of fish passage barriers in the middle and upper Susitna River and Susitna tributaries

  • Report
  • Appendices
    • Appendix A.   Tributary geologic barriers
    • Appendix B.   Middle river tributary delta surveys outside of focus areas

9.13 Aquatic resources study within the access alignment, transmission alignment, and construction area
9.14 Genetic baseline study for selected fish species
9.15 Analysis of fish harvest in and downstream of the Susitna-Watana Hydroelectric Project area
9.16 Eulachon run timing, distribution, and spawning in the Susitna River
9.17 Cook Inlet beluga whale study

10.5 Moose distribution, abundance, movements, productivity, and survival
10.6 Caribou distribution, abundance, movements, productivity, and survival
10.7 Dall's sheep distribution and abundance
10.8 Distribution, abundance, and habitat use by large carnivores
10.9 Wolverine distribution, abundance, and habitat occupancy
10.10 Terrestrial furbearer abundance and habitat use
10.11 Aquatic furbearer abundance and habitat use
10.12 Small mammal species composition and habitat use
10.13 Bat distribution and habitat use
10.14 Surveys of eagles and other raptors
10.15 Waterbird migration, breeding, and habitat use study

10.16 Landbird and shorebird migration, breeding, and habitat use
10.17 Population ecology of willow ptarmigan in game management Unit 13
10.18 Wood frog occupancy and habitat use
10.19 Evaluation of wildlife habitat use
10.20 Wildlife harvest analysis
11.5 Vegetation and wildlife habitat mapping study in the upper and middle Susitna basin
11.6 Riparian vegetation study downstream of the proposed Susitna-Watana Dam

11.7 Wetland mapping study in the upper and middle Susitna basin
11.8 Rare plant study
11.9 Invasive plant study
12.5 Recreation resources study

  • Recreation resources study
  • Appendices A - C
    • Appendix A.   Comprehensive plan review
    • Appendix B.   Trails inventory
    • Appendix C.   Winter trails
  • Appendices D - F
    • Appendix D.   Summer trails
    • Appendix E.   ADF&G fish harvest data
    • Appendix F.   Facility inventory
  • Appendices G - J
    • Appendix G.   Facility figures
    • Appendix H.   Dispersed recreation inventory
    • Appendix I.   Access inventory
    • Appendix J.   Access figures
  • Appendices K - O
    • Appendix K.   Photographs
    • Appendix L.   Mail survey
    • Appendix M.   Intercept survey
    • Appendix N.   Intercept observation tally
    • Appendix O.   Nonresponse bias telephone survey

12.6 Aesthetic resources study

12.7 River recreation flow and access study
13.5 Cultural resources study
13.6 Paleontological resources study
14.5 Subsistence resources study
15.5 Regional economic evaluation study
15.6 Social conditions and public goods and services study
  • Sections 1-6, 8-9
  • Appendix A.   Estimating changes in recreation demand and social welfare resulting from the Susitna-Watana Hydroelectric Project.   Preliminary, interim-draft.
  • Appendix B.   Technical memorandum on long-term modeling assumptions (LTMAs).   Draft
15.7 Transportation resources study
15.8 Health impact assessment study
15.9 Air quality study
16.5 Probable maximum flood (PMF) study
16.6 Site-specific seismic hazard study