Study Completion Reports,

2014 Study Implementation Reports,


2014-2015 Study Implementation Reports

A listing of Study Plan reports published in October and November 2015 and May 2016 for the

Susitna-Watana Hydroelectric Project

Published by Alaska Energy Authority during October and November 2015 and May 2016.

Filed by Alaska Energy Authority November 9, 2015.

Supplements to Sections 5.5, 7.5, 8.5, 9.5, and 9.9 were published in October 2016.   The errata for Section 9.7 was published and filed in February 2016.   Study 13.5 was published and filed in May 2016.

Assigned SuWa Number 289.

If an appendix or attachment has its own title page, and if the name of the study at the beginning of the title on that title page differs from the study title of the main report, then the full title as it appears on that appendix/attachment title page is given as "Formal title:".



Study Plan SectionStudy Report
-- Letters of transmittal from Wayne Dyok to Kimberly D. Bose dated November 4, 5, 6, and 24, 2015.

Here are four letters that accompanied the bulk of this set (bound with Section 4.5 in the ARLIS collection).   Letters of transmittal that accompanied reports that were delivered later are available below with those reports.

4.5 Geology and soils characterization study, Study plan Section 4.5, 2014-2015 Study Implementation Report
5.5 Baseline water quality study, Study plan Section 5.5, Study Completion Report

5.6 Water quality modeling study, Study plan Section 5.6, 2014 Study Implementation Report

Includes:   Attachment 1, Relationship between turbidity and total suspended solids: a correlation model / prepared by Tetra Tech, Inc.   2015.

5.7 Mercury assessment and potential for bioaccumulation study, Study plan Section 5.7, 2014 Study Implementation Report

6.5 Geomorphology study, Study plan Section 6.5, 2014-2015 Study Implementation Report

6.6 Fluvial geomorphology modeling below Watana Dam, Study plan Section 6.6, 2014-2015 Study Implementation Report

7.5 Groundwater study, Study plan Section 7.5, 2014-2015 Study Implementation Report

7.6 Ice processes in the Susitna River study, Study plan Section 7.6, 2014-2015 Study Implementation Report

8.5 Fish and aquatics instream flow study, Study plan Section 8.5, 2014-2015 Study Implementation Report
8.6 Riparian instream flow study, Study plan Section 8.6, 2014-2015 Study Implementation Report

Includes:   Appendix A.   Riparian vegetation groundwater/surface water study sampling design / prepared by R2 Resource Consultants, Inc., ABR, Inc.

9.5 Study of fish distribution and abundance in the upper Susitna River, Study plan Section 9.5, 2014-2015 Study Implementation Report
9.6 Study of fish distribution and abundance in the middle and lower Susitna River, Study plan Section 9.6, 2014-2015 Study Implementation Report
9.7 Salmon escapement study, Study plan Section 9.7, Study Completion Report

9.8 River productivity study, Study plan Section 9.8, 2014 Study Implementation Report

9.9 Characterization and mapping of aquatic habitats, Study plan Section 9.9, Study Completion Report
  • Main report
  • Appendix A.   Remote line mapping, 2012-2014
  • Appendix B.   Upper and middle river mainstem surveys, 2013-2014
9.11 Fish passage feasibility at Watana Dam, Study plan Section 9.11, 2014 Study Implementation Report
9.12 Fish passage barriers in the middle and upper Susitna River and Susitna tributaries, Study plan Section 9.12, 2014 Study Implementation Report

9.14 Genetic baseline study for selected fish species, Study plan Section 9.14, 2014 Study Implementation Report
10.5 Moose distribution, abundance, movements, productivity, and survival, Study plan Section 10.5, 2014-2015 Study Implementation Report
10.7 Dall's sheep distribution and abundance, Study plan Section 10.7, Study Completion Report
10.8 Distribution, abundance, and habitat use by large carnivores, Study plan Section 10.8, 2014-2015 Study Implementation Report
10.9 Wolverine distribution, abundance, and habitat occupancy, Study plan Section 10.9, Study Completion Report
10.10 Terrestrial furbearer abundance and habitat use, Study plan Section 10.10, Study Completion Report
10.11 Aquatic furbearer abundance and habitat use, Study plan Section 10.11, 2014-2015 Study Implementation Report
10.13 Bat distribution and habitat use, Study plan Section 10.13, Study Completion Report
10.14 Surveys of eagles and other raptors, Study plan Section 10.14, 2014 Study Implementation Report
10.15 Waterbird migration, breeding, and habitat use, Study plan Section 10.15, Study Completion Report

10.16 Landbird and shorebird migration, breeding, and habitat use study (10.16), 2014 Study Implementation Report
10.18 Wood frog occupancy and habitat use, Study plan Section 10.18, Study Completion Report
11.6 Riparian vegetation study downstream of the proposed Susitna-Watana Dam, Study plan Section 11.6, 2014-2015 Study Implementation Report
12.5 Recreation resources study, Study plan Section 12.5, 2014 Study Implementation Report

  • [ Main report ]
  • Attachment 1.   Technical memorandum, Trails assessment and classification

    Includes:   [Main section] -- Appendix A. Trails inventory -- Appendix B. Winter trails -- Appendix C. Summer trails -- Appendix D. Summer trails braiding classification -- Appendix E. Photographs.

  • Attachment 2.   Technical memorandum, 2014 year-end report, recreation use demand assessment

    Includes:   [Main section] -- Appendix A. Susitna-Watana recreational activities profile summary -- Appendix B. Susitna-Watana recreation intercept survey results summary -- Attachment B-1. Susitna-Watana recreation intercept survey instrument -- Appendix C. Susitna-Watana recreation intercept observation tally results summary -- Appendix D. Susitna-Watana recreation regional resident household mail survey results summary -- Attachment D-1. 2013 Alaska recreation survey -- Attachment D-2. 2013 Alaska outdoor recreation survey -- Appendix E. Non response bias telephone survey results -- Attachment E-1. Nonresponse bias telephone survey instrument -- Appendix F. ADF&G fish harvest data.

12.6 Aesthetic resources study, Study plan Section 12.6, 2014 Study Implementation Report

Includes:   Attachment 1.   Soundscape technical memorandum / prepared by AECOM.

12.7 River recreation flow and access study, Study plan Section 12.7, 2014 Study Implementation Report
13.5 Cultural resources study, Study plan Section 13.5, 2014-2015 Study Implementation Report


  • Cover letter titled:   Susitna-Watana Hydroelectric Project, FERC Project No. 14241-000 ; Transmittal of Study Implementation Report for Study 13.5 (Cultural resources study) and request for privileged treatment.
  • Attachment 1.   Holocene landscape and paleoenvironments technical memorandum / prepared by University of Alaska Fairbanks, USGS, URS Corporation.

Attachment 2, Report on Ahtna Enthnogeography Investigations, is classed as a "privileged document," and is not available to the public.   See accompanying cover letter for details.

14.5 Subsistence resources, Study plan Section 14.5, 2014 Study Implementation Report
15.7 Transportation resources study, Study plan Section 15.7, 2014 Study Implementation Report
15.8 Health impact assessment study, Study plan Section 15.8, 2014-2015 Study Implementation Report
15.9 Air quality study, Study plan Section 15.9, Study Completion Report
16.6 Site-specific seismic hazard Study plan Section 16.6, Study Completion Report