Mission Statement

Alaska Resources Library and Information Services provides universal access to natural and cultural resources information. The library staff and ARLIS’s federal, state, university, and future partners recognize that improved understanding of Alaska’s resources facilitates wise development, conservation and management. ARLIS serves the diverse information needs of its customers in an unbiased and effective manner.


Collection and Services

  • The ARLIS staff maintains a superlative collection of Alaska-related cultural and natural resources materials.
  • The ARLIS staff offers objective information, services, and collections.
  • The ARLIS staff continually improves services.
  • The ARLIS staff makes uncataloged materials available as soon as possible.
  • The ARLIS staff enhances information services and delivery through the use of innovative technology.

Customer Service

  • Good customer service is a priority.
  • ARLIS complies with all state and federal laws regarding confidentiality.
  • The ARLIS staff adheres to the Library Bill of Rights and the librarians’ Code of Ethics.
  • Employees of agencies represented on the Founders Board are entitled to additional services.


  • ARLIS is a collaboration of customers, founders and staff.
  • ARLIS cooperates with local, state, and other libraries worldwide for the mutual benefit of all.
  • ARLIS seeks new partners.
  • ARLIS provides the best value with the funds entrusted to it.


  • The ARLIS staff is the library’s most valuable resource.
  • The ARLIS staff provides information not opinions.
  • The ARLIS staff and Founders Board value team-based management.