Donate Materials to ARLIS

Types of Donations that ARLIS Accepts

ARLIS attempts to have a comprehensive collection pertaining to Alaska natural and cultural resources. ARLIS welcomes all additions to its collection that fall within the scope of its collection development policy. Welcome are reports, documents, audio-visual materials, and other bibliographic work products that broadly apply to Alaska natural and cultural resources. The documents may be produced or distributed by public or private sector agencies, ARLIS founders, non-founder Alaska government agencies, and contractors. We also accept relevant books that meet collection development guidelines.

If you would like to donate materials to ARLIS, please email or call 907-786-7651.

Delivery to ARLIS

Donors can arrange for drop-off at ARLIS’s loading dock, located on the north side of the library building. Please call 907-786-7651 to arrange a time. No need to find a parking space; just pull right up to the loading dock.

General Guidelines

ARLIS collects two paper copies of relevant publications from all Alaska-based government agencies or the private sector.
ARLIS also wishes to receive an electronic copy, if available. If a publication is available in electronic format only, ARLIS will print paper copies in-house for its founding agency publications. Contact for any alerts regarding electronic publications.

Paper Copies

Please mail at least one copy, preferably two, unless publication is available in electronic format only.
Mailing address
Library Building, Suite 111
3211 Providence Drive
Anchorage, AK 99508

Electronic Copies

If the electronic copy is in a file format, please e-mail it to
If the electronic copy is posted at a website, please e-mail the URL to
If the electronic copy is only on CD or DVD, please mail along with any available paper copies.


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