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Locating a Paper MAS File

The MAS files from Juneau and from Anchorage are located in boxes in Special Collections. The boxes are arranged numerically by quadrangle number and indexed by quadrangle and property.  The indexes, by quadrangle and property, are located next to the files.  The quadrangle index is also available at the ARLIS reference desk and in MAS Cases 1-4 in the Map Atrium, along with associated MAS maps and overlays.

Each box of MAS files is labeled by a number. The numbers on the boxes correspond to the state, the quadrangle and the property numbers. For example a label may read:


002  stands for Alaska
030  is the number of the quadrangle (quadrangle is underlined)
150  is the number of the property

Within each box are file folders organized by property number, in ascending order. Each folder contains information on a specific property, typically including a data sheet with detailed information by codes.  A key to these codes is found in Minerals Availability System (MAS) database: data dictionary and deposit information manual  (TN153.M55 1992), and  provides users with detailed field definitions, data limits, and editing criteria for every item required to identify any mineral location, operation, and resource in the MAS data base. The data sheets also apply to property claims in the Mine File Fiche (available at the ARLIS reference desk).

Some MAS files contain a bibliography focusing specifically on the area where the property is located.   Some files may contain mining company annual reports. Some files may have been removed because they contain proprietary information. Proprietary records may include detailed company information or production information that a company does not wish to share. When a file has been pulled for proprietary reasons, there is a page indicating so.

Most of the MAS files from Juneau have been digitized and are available on this website. Scanning of MAS files from Anchorage is in progress. These files have not yet been placed on the website.

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