Susitna-Watana Hydroelectric Project Engineering Feasibility Report

Prepared for Alaska Energy Authority
Prepared by MWH Americas, Inc.

Anchorage, AK : Alaska Energy Authority, [2014]

December 2014.

2303 pages in various paginations : col. ill., col. maps ; 28 cm. and 28 x 43 cm. + 3 plates (42 x 23 cm. and 42 x 42 cm.).   (The plates are three maps in Appendix B03.)

All PDF files are 11.5 MB or smaller.

Assigned SuWa numbers: 280-284.

Note:   Some PDFs are identified as parts A to M (or A to C, etc.) by Alaska Energy Authority on the Susitna-Watana Hydro Documents webpage, and the lettering for those parts are listed in the table below.   However, the feasibility report itself does not have parts marked by such letters.



SuWa Number Section NumberSection
SuWa 280 Letter of transmittal with title:   Susitna-Watana Hydroelectric Project, FERC Project No. 14241-000; Filing of Engineering feasibility report
Title page, Table of contents, Acronyms and Abbreviations
E Executive Summary
1 Introduction
2 Scope of Work
3 Previous Studies
4 Railbelt Load Forecasts
5 Integration Into the Railbelt System
6 Susitna Basin and Dam Site Characteristics
7 Selection of Watana General Arrangement
8 Site Access Plan
9 Probable Maximum Precipitation and Probable Maximum Flood
10 Watana Development Description
11 Transmission and Interconnection Facilities
12 Project Operation and Resource Utilization
13 Construction Methodology and Estimates of Cost
14 Engineering and Construction Schedules
15 Conclusions and Recommendations
16 Preliminary Design Criteria
17 References
--Appendix A Drawings -- (listed on pages xxvii to xxxii in the table of contents, but not released)
SuWa 281Appendix B Technical Memoranda and Reports -- (title page)
Appendix B1 Geotechnical Data Report -- (placeholder page; not released)
Appendix B2 Site Specific Seismic Hazard Analyses -- (Title on title page: Seismic Hazard Characterization and Ground Motion Analyses for the Susitna-Watana Dam Site Area) -- (NTP 6 Seismic studies) (Technical memorandum no. 4)
Appendix B3 Interim Crustal Seismic Source Evaluation
SuWa 282
  • Figures
  • Appendix A: Strip Maps and Photographic Documentation of Lineament Data Presented in FCL (2013)
    • Part D -- Figures A0.1 to A5-1.1
    • Part E -- Figures A5-2.1 to A8-2.1
    • Part F -- Figures A8-2.2 to A17b.3
    • Part G -- Figures A17c.1 to A20.4
    • Part H -- Figures A20.5 to A26.1
    • Part I -- Figures A26.2 to A27-3.2
    • Part J -- Plate A-BP ; figures A-BP.1 to A-BP.3 ; plate A-CWM ; figures A-CWM.1 to A-CWM.3
    • Part K -- Plate A-CME ; figures A-CME.1 to A-CME.2
  • Appendix B. Strip Maps and Photographic Documentation of Lineament Data for Lineaments Mapped by Reger et al. (1990)
    • Part L -- Figures B-01 to B-11b
    • Part M -- Figures B-12a to B-17

(The figures for Appendix B3 were assigned a SuWa number different from that assigned to the main text of that appendix because the figures are printed on a larger paper size requiring a separate volume to be placed in the oversize location.)

SuWa 283Appendix B4 Probable Maximum Flood Study

(Title in Appendix C appears as: Site-Specific Probable Maximum Precipitation Study.   Appendix B appears out of order.)

  • Part A -- [main report]
  • Appendix A. Probable Maximum Flood Study / prepared by Applied Weather Associates, LLC
  • Part D -- Appendix C. Short List Storm Analysis Data Used for PMP Development / prepared by Applied Weather Associates, LLC
  • Part E
    • Appendix D. Storm Precipitation Analysis System (SPAS) Program Description
    • Appendix B. Intermediate Flood Routing / prepared by MWH. (Technical memorandum)
SuWa 284Appendix B5 Rock Wedge Analysis : Friction Cone Stereonet Analyses
Appendix B6 Development of Time Histories
Appendix B7 Deterministic Ground Motion for Slab Events -- (not released)
Appendix B8 Finite Element Analysis -- (caption title: Seismic Analysis of a Section of Watana Dam)
Appendix B9 EPS Transmission Reports
  • Parts A and B -- MWH Watana Transmission Study Pre-Watana Analysis
  • Part C -- Watana Hydro Transmission Corridor Report
Appendix B10 Opinion of Probable Construction Cost
Appendix B11 Engineering and Construction Schedule
Appendix B12 Preliminary Design Criteria : v2.0 updated draft -- (NTP 13) (Technical memorandum no. 4)
-- Visualization Susitna-Watana Animation Draft -- A flash drive containing a visualization of all 3-D models accompanies the report (see page 25 of Section 1).   This flash drive was not received by ARLIS (Alaska Resources Library and Information Services).