El Paso Alaska Company, Docket nos. CP75-96, et al., prepared answering testimony and hearing exhibits. Dated May 18, 1976

This document contains the testimony of Paul C. Wright (of Pipe Line Technologists, Inc.), Robert H. Winn (Manager of Anchorage office of Dames & Moore), and R. Sage Murphy (Director of Pollution Control Services at Dames & Moore) about the realignment of the natural gas pipeline proposed by...

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Alternate Title:Prepared answering testimony and hearing exhibits
Main Authors: Wright, Paul C., Murphy, R. Sage, Winn, Robert H.
Corporate Author(s): Dames & Moore, El Paso Alaska Company
Corporate Contributor(s):Federal Power Commission (FPC)
Document Type: Legal Map Technical drawings
Publisher:El Paso Alaska Company
Report Numbers:Docket nos. CP75-96, et al.
Date:May 18, 1976
Sponsor / Funder:Federal Power Commission (FPC)
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  • Prepared answering testimony of Paul C. Wright
  • Description of facilities appendix: Proposed Alaskan Gas Pipeline, pipeline topographic realignment sheets
  • El Paso Alaska Gas Pipeline realignment : typical cross sections of the realigned pipeline
  • Prepared answering testimony of Robert H. Winn
  • Geotechnical feasibility of utilizing the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System alignment as a combined alignment for a hot oil pipeline and a chilled gas pipeline / prepared by Dames & Moore. (iv, 42 pages.)
  • Seasonal flow diagrams
  • Average day flow diagram
  • Flow diagram for maximum capacity
  • Summary of the impact on the capital cost estimate by realignment of the Alaskan Gas Pipeline
  • Prepared answering testimony of R. Sage Murphy
  • Alaskan Gas Pipeline, list of pipeline crossings
  • Alaskan Gas Pipeline, list of road crossings
  • Alaska Gas Pipeline, list of stream crossings
  • El Paso Alaska Company pipeline realignment study supplemental environmental considerations / prepared by Dames & Moore. (iii, 53, [5] pages).