Legal authorities vested in the Office of the Federal Inspector

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Main Author: Hengerer, Ned
Corporate Author: Office of the Federal Inspector (OFI)
Document Type: Memorandum
Publisher:Office of the Federal Inspector (OFI)
Report Numbers:D0002113
Date:March 24, 1980
Bills/Acts; Orders; Treaties:Reorganization Plan No. 1 of 1979
Addressee / Recipient:Rhett, John T., Jr.
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  • Summary
  • Statutory background: A. ANGTA
  • B. President's decision
  • C. Reorganization Plan and executive order
  • Functions performed under OFI legal authority authority: A. General monitoring and oversight
  • B. Permit scheduling and coordination
  • C. Approval of systems, plans, and design
  • D. Cost control
  • E. Enforcement of federal laws.