Alaska Pipeline Project resource report no. ... preliminary draft

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Alternate Title:Alaska Pipeline Project preliminary draft resource report 1
Corporate Author(s): Alaska Pipeline Project (APP), ExxonMobil, TransCanada, Foothills Pipe Lines Ltd.
Corporate Contributor(s):Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC)
Document Type: Report Map
Publisher:Alaska Pipeline Project
Report Numbers:USAG-UR-SGREG-000002 (Report no. 1)

USAG-UR-SGREG-000003 (Report no. 10)
Date:April 2011
Sponsor / Funder:Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC)
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  • Main report 1
  • Appendix 1A. U.S. Geological Survey topographic-based corridor maps
  • Appendix 1B. Aboveground facility location maps and typical plot plans
  • Appendix 1C. Highway and pipeline proximity tables
  • Appendix 1D. Table of additional temporary workspace by milepost
  • Appendix 1E, Typical drawings
  • Appendix 1F. Table summarizing distances to borrow sites
  • Appendix 1G. Rationale for the width of the construction right-of-way
  • Appendix 1H. Table of construction rights-of-way by milepost
  • Appendix 1I. Alaska Pipeline Project's upland erosion control, revegetation, and maintenance plan
  • Appendix 1J. Alaska Pipeline Project's wetland and waterbody construction and mitigation procedures
  • Appendix 1K. Agency correspondence
  • Appendix 1L. Affected landowner names and addresses
  • Main report 10
  • Appendix 10A. Route maps comparing route variations to the proposed route.