Preliminary evaluations of potential fish mitigation sites in the middle Susitna River /

Habitat characteristics of mainstem and side channel habitats in the middle reach of the Susitna River are expected to be altered with construction of the Susitna hydroelectric dams. This report analyzes potential mitigation sites with a focus on salmon.

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Main Author: Seagren, Donald R.,
Additional Author(s):Wilkey, Robert G.,
Corporate Contributor(s):Alaska Power Authority.

Susitna Hydroelectric Project.

Alaska. Susitna Hydro Aquatic Studies.
Publisher:Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game, Susitna Hydro Aquatic Studies,
Report Numbers:APA 2908

RTS 35

SUS 594
Series:Document (Susitna Hydroelectric Project) ; no. 2908.
Report (Alaska. Susitna Hydro Aquatic Studies) ; no. 10.
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  • Introduction
  • Methods: Open-Water studies ; Ice-covered studies ; Interpretation of figures
  • Results: Open-water studies ; Ice-covered studies
  • Discussion: General evaluation of potential mitigation sites at side slough, upland slough and side channel habitats ; Opening of beaver dams to improve fish passage conditions ; Identification of habitat modification techniques at selected slough sites ; Conclusions/recommendations
  • Appendices: appendix A. Study site descriptions and site maps ; appendix B. General surface water quality and intragravel temperature data ; appendix C. Salmon spawning distribution data ; appendix D. Selected physical and chemical requirements for various life stages of salmon species ; appendix E. Winter water quality data ; appendix F. Freeze core substrate data.