Susitna Hydro Aquatic Studies. Phase II, Basic data report. Volume 3, Resident and juvenile anadromous fish studies on the Susitna River below Devil Canyon, 1982 / by Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game, Susitna Hydro Aquatic Studies.

Anchorage : Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game, Susitna Hydro Aquatic Studies, [1983]

2 v. : ill., maps ; 28 cm.


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486 15d 173 [Main report]

Objectives -- Methods -- Results: Distribution and abundance studies ; Emergence and outmigration studies ; Food habitats of juvenile salmon -- Discussion and conclusions: Distribution and abundance ; Emergence and outmigration ; Food habits and distribution of food organisms.

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487 15e Appendices

Appendix A. Distribution and abundance data -- Appendix B. Emergence and outmigration data -- Appendix C. Food habits of juvenile salmon data -- Appendix D. Upper Indian River and upper Portage Creek studies -- appendix E. The effect of fishing time on minnow trap catch -- Appendix F. Downstream migrant trap design, construction, and placement -- Appendix G. Length, age, and sex summaries for resident fish -- Appendix H. Age class separation of juvenile salmon at DFH sites.

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