Management of Transmission Line Rights-of-way for Fish and Wildlife.

Authoring agency:   Fish and Wildlife Service; Michael Galvin, project manager, Asplundh Environmental Services, Kenneth D. Hoover and Michael L. Avery, project officers, National Power Plant Team

Publication:   Washington : Fish and Wildlife Service, U.S. Dept. of Interior, [1979]

Physical description of original:   3 volumes : illustrations ; 28 cm

Series:   Biological services program FWS/OBS ; 79/22

Series (volume 1 only):   Document (Susitna Hydroelectric Project) ; no. 3272

Notes:   Volumes 2 and 3 were not used in the Susitna Hydroelectric Project and therefore do not have APA Numbers.

APA Number *VolumeTitle
3272 Volume I Background information
N/A Volume II Eastern United States
N/A Volume III Western United States

* The APA numbers were assigned in the Susitna Hydroelectric Project document index.   Volume I was used as supporting documentation in research by the Susitna Hydroelectric Project.