Alaska Natural Gas Transportation Act of 1976 : [legislative history] / United States. Congress (94th, 2nd session: 1976).

This legislative history compiles the act and amendments in Public Law format, the codified law as published in the U.S. Code, and the primary House and Senate Reports specified in the act.

Physical description:   Multiple volumes

The three one-page amendments are not cataloged as separate records in The Pipe Files.



1976 Act -- Public Law 94-586

1984 Amendment -- Public Law 98-620 -- Public Law 98-620, approved November 8, 1984 (98 Stat. 3358), repealed language providing expedited judicial review of lawsuits filed over administrative decisions implementing the transportation and utility corridor provisions of the Act. Do a keyword search on "Alaska" to find relevant sections.

1992 Amendment -- Public Law 102-486

2004 Amendment -- Public Law 108-324

House Report no. 94-1658, pt. 1 -- House Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce

Senate Report no. 94-1020 -- Senate Committee on Commerce, and Interior and Insular Affairs

U.S. Code - codified law -- 15 U.S. Code 719 et seq.

Title 15 - Commerce and Trade : Chapter 15C, Alaska Natural Gas Transportation -- Copy issued January 19, 2004