Locke Lord

Locke Lord LLP is an international law firm formed on October 2, 2007, after the combination of Texas-based Locke Liddell & Sapp PLLC and Lord Bissell & Brook LLP. The firm is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and changed its name to Locke Lord LLP on September 27, 2011.

In May 2007, the management of both Locke Liddell & Sapp and Lord Bissell & Brook proposed a corporate merger. On September 12, 2007, the partnership of each firm approved the merger, effective October 2, 2007.

On January 10, 2015, the merger between Locke Lord and Edwards Wildman Palmer was completed. The merged firm adopted the name ''Locke Lord'', although legacy offices of Edwards Wildman Palmer used the name Locke Lord Edwards for a transition period. The firm employs 641 attorneys. Provided by Wikipedia