Title Results
A review of the EPA red book, Quality criteria for water 1
A simulation model of energy and nitrogen balance for free-ranging ruminants (excerpt) 1
A special report on the Department of Fish and Game Susitna River Hydroelectric Project for the fiscal years ended June 30, 1982, 1981 and 1980 - Audit Control Number 11-4136-83-S 1
A state personal income tax simulation model 1
A stone age campsite at the gateway to America 1
A stratigraphic framework for pleistocene artifacts from Old Crow River, Northern Yukon Territory 1
A study of caribou response to pipelines in and near the Eileen west end, 1983 - Final report to the Prudhoe Bay Unit Owners 1
A Study of chinook salmon in Southeast Alaska ; Annual performance report, v. 23 (1981-1982) - volume 23 part N 1
A study of human adjustment in Fort McMurray HS 30.5 - Interim Report II 1
A study of human adjustment in Fort McMurray - Volume I: Field study and results 1
A study to determine the desirability of creating the Denali National Scenic Highway: An interagency study prepared under the direction of the Alaska Land Use Council 1
A synthesis and evaluation of ADF & G fish and wildlife resources information for the Willow and Talkeetna sub-basins 1
A technique for environmental decision making using quantified social and aesthetic values 1
A treatise on limnology - Volume II - Introduction to lake biology and the limnoplankton 1
A varying elasticity model of electricity demand with given appliance saturation 1
Abstracts, annual performance reports for Federal aid in fish restoration and anadromous fish studies - Volume 23 1
Accelerated ice growth in rivers 1
Access plan 18, Denali (north) (3 maps) selected access plan 1
Activity of moose and white-tailed deer at mineral springs 1
Adaptations of white-tailed deer to naturally occuring sodium deficiencies 1