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The Susitna Hydroelectric studies collections are comprised of 1) the historic 1980s SuHydro project and 2) the 2010-present Susitna-Watana (SuWa) project. ARLIS has digitized and linked the full-text of all available reports, in cooperation with the Alaska Energy Authority (AEA). Most SuHydro reports are listed in the APA Index below. More SuHydro reports are available from the SUS Index by AEIDC below. Use the Link to Cataloged SuWa Reports below to search the SuWa collection.


Search Tools for SuHydro  (Historic 1980s) & SuWa Reports (New 2010+)


Links to 1980s SuHydro Reports 

Titles enclosed in blue rectangles below are linked to scanned documents on the ARLIS document server.


ARLIS attempts to have a complete collection of reports from all prior phases and the current phase of the project. Please contact if you can provide missing reports. To sign up for electronic delivery of project-related FERC reports, go to, and click on “eSubscription” under Documents & Filings. Register and then input the Susitna/Watana project number: 14241.