Iditarod Historic Trail

Iditarod National Historic Trail
Iditarod National Historic Trail

Digital records and photographs of the Iditarod National Historic Trail (INHT) may be browsed on the ARLIS document server. Also available are a brief history of the trail and suggestions for further reading.

This collection includes most of the material collected for the creation of the two volume INHT Comprehensive Management Plan (CMP) and Resource Inventory. While only a small percentage of data and photographs appear in the CMP or the Resource Inventory, this collection makes public the rest of the work, which includes high resolution slides, photographs, resource inventories, field notes, and more. Also included are oral history interviews, which feature the voices and stories of men and women who experienced the end of Alaska’s gold era, including participants in the 1925 serum run. Previously unpublished reports included in the collection also add to the mass body of information collected about the Iditarod National Historic Trail.

The information here is useful for research of both history and policy. Much of the data included offers an alternative view into Alaska’s gold rush heyday, examining and substantiating the literature written during and about this period in Alaska’s history. The documentation of these historical resources, as studied in the early 1980s, also offers a window into past preservation tactics, and guidance for the future preservation of Alaska’s history.

The digital collection is arranged as follows:

Goodwin Alaska Road Commission Report on the Seward Nome gold trail (1908)

Bureau of Outdoor Recreation report on the Iditarod and other gold trails (1977)

Preliminary Inventory of Cultural Resources between Rainy Pass and Unalakleet

Environmental Impact Assessment and Findings of No Signficant Impacts
(1979 and 1981)

S. M. Peterson Annotated Maps

Oral History Recordings

Oral History Transcripts

Quadrangle Files
(4,500+ files in 750+ folders, including many high resolution slides and photographs)

INHT Resource Inventory

INHT Comprehensive Management Plan (1986)

The Bureau of Land Management Alaska digitized this collection using original documents, maps, slides, photographs, maps, and publications in BLM files on the Iditarod National Historic Trail. BLM Alaska retains the items digitized. Jarod Hoogland worked on much of the collection and wrote the descriptions, metadata, brief history, and the suggestions for further reading, used here in edited form.