Susitna Hydroelectric Project Collection - Additional Resources at ARLIS

Introductory text: This page replicates the former Susitna pages maintained by ARLIS before the Susitna Doc Finder database was created. All items listed here are also accessible via the Susitna Doc Finder. The Susitna Hydroelectric studies collections are maintained by ARLIS and consist of 1) the historic 1980s SuHydro project; 2) the 2010-2017 Susitna-Watana (SuWa) project; and 3) the various projects that pre-dated these, beginning in the 1950s. ARLIS has digitized and linked the full-text of all available reports. Most SuHydro reports are listed in the APA Index below. Additional SuHydro reports are accessible from the SUS Index by AEIDC below. This page also lists many other sources.


Alaska Power Authority indexTitles enclosed in are linked to scanned documents on the ARLIS document server.
SUS index by AEIDCTitles enclosed in are linked to scanned documents on the ARLIS document server.
Complete list of finding aidsIncludes all versions of the bibliographies and indexes by APA, RTS, and SUS, and the Records Management System: File Reference report.
Additional reports not listed aboveIncludes drafts, supplements, addendums, appendices, and reports numbered 4000+.
ADF&G audit materials and other key documentsMemos and other original documents resulting from the post-project audit at ADF&G.
Maps, white papers, key ADF&G letters & memosIncludes habitat descriptions, timeline, and audit materials.
Photos from 1970s and 1980sSelected photos - the complete set of photos have not been located to date.
Other key project-related reports and background materialsIncludes Canon white paper and cold regions hydrology conference.
ADF&G Susitna River aquatic studies annotated bibliographyIncludes title pages from all ADF&G aquatic studies reports with significant notes.