This special catalog includes only the ARLIS Susitna collection, composed mainly of reports generated by the 1980s Susitna Hydroelectric Project, as well those issued by the current Susitna-Watana project.   It may be searched for any keyword, report number, title, author, or subject.

The table below explains the numbering system used by each main bibliography.   Report number searches are more accurate when the report prefix (i.e., APA, SUS, RTS) is included with the report number.   Feel free to report errors or make suggestions to improve this page: contact

Key to reports:

Report type Originating agency Report prefix and numbering system Search examples
APA Alaska Power Authority APA 1 - APA 4999 APA 211
SUS Arctic Environmental Information & Data Center SUS 1 - SUS 10005 SUS 167
RTS Alaska Department of Fish & Game - Aquatic Studies RTS 1 - 1 RTS 41 RTS 16
SuWa Susitna-Watana Hydroelectric Project SuWa 1 - [more than 200 currently] SuWa 30