Synthesis of the 1980s lower Susitna River segment, aquatic habitat information : 2012 study technical memorandum / prepared for Alaska Energy Authority ; prepared by Tetra Tech, Inc.

[Alaska : Alaska Energy Authority, 2013]

Abstract:   This report integrates results of several earlier tasks in the 2012 Reconnaissance-Level Geomorphic and Aquatic Habitat Assessment of Project Effects on Lower River Channel Study to address several broader study objectives for the Susitna-Watana Hydroelectric Project.   Those objectives included: (1) assess potential changes to aquatic habitat pre- and post-Project; (2) provide information to assist Alaska Energy Authority and licensing participants to develop the 2013-2014 study plans.



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57 Appendix 1.   Lower river habitat type area tables

Appendix 2.   Lower river habitat type area bar charts

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