Survey of Experience In Operating Hydroelectric Projects In Cold Regions / prepared by Harza-Ebasco Susitna Joint Venture ; prepared for Alaska Power Authority.

Draft report.

[Anchorage, Alaska] : Alaska Power Authority, [1985]

4 volumes : ill., maps, forms ; 28 cm.

Note on quality:   The original publications are black-and-white with some grayscale illustrations.   They were microfilmed in black-and-white.   These four PDFs are digital scans of the microfilm, but were captured in grayscale and color resulting in excessively large file sizes.   The appearance is of these PDFs is now somewhat blurry.   ARLIS' book versions are printouts of those digital scans.   ARLIS made some attempt to improved the PDFs, but with little gain.   If better quality print copies become available, staff may attempt a re-scanning.


SUS NumberVolume SectionSize
486v. 1 Main text -- Appendix A & Appendix B19 MB
487v. 2 Appendix C

Responses to questionnaire

18 MB
488v. 3 Appendix D

Supplemental material included in responses

71 MB
489v. 4 Appendix E

Field memorandum of visit by H.W. Coleman, British Columbia Hydro (Vancouver) and Peace River Town and supplementary material

Many pages of volume 4 are difficult to read due to poor resolution of reproduction.
44.5 MB