Annual performance report for Alaska statewide sport fish harvest studies / by Michael J. Mills.

Juneau : Alaska Department of Fish and Game, Sport Fish Divison.

Federal Aid in Fish Restoration and Anadromous Fish Studies."

Study title: Statewide sport fish studies.

Study no.: SW-I-A.

These reports provide the statistical results of an annual survey on sport fish harvest and effort (that is, days fished) in Alaska. The survey began in 1977 and each report focuses on the current year with comparative harvest data since 1977.

This table lists only those issues of this serial that were used as supporting documentation by the researchers of the Susitna Hydroelectric Project as listed in Susitna Hydroelectric Project Document Index and in Susitna Aquatic Impact Assessment Project Bibliography.


APA NumberSUS NumberFederal Aid and AFS VolumeYear of Data *Coverage Period
APA 513--v. 20(contains 1977 statistics) July 1, 1978-June 30, 1979
APA 514--v. 21(contains 1977 and 1978 statistics) Cover: July 1, 1979-June 30, 1980

Research project segment page: September 1, 1979 to August 31, 1980

--SUS 10011v. 221979 data July 1, 1980-June 30, 1981
APA 515SUS 10012v. 221980
Cover: 1980 data
July 1, 1980-June 30, 1981
APA 516--v. 231981 data July 1, 1981-June 30, 1982
APA 1184
APA 1708
APA 3196
--v. 241982 dataJuly 1, 1982-June 30, 1983
APA 3197--v. 251983 data July 1, 1983-June 30, 1984

* From title unless noted otherwise.