Task 6, Development selection. Subtask 6.05, Development selection report / [prepared by] Acres American Incorporated.

[Final edition].

[Anchorage, Alaska] : Alaska Power Authority, [1981]

"December 1981."

2 volumes : illustrations, maps ; 28 cm.



APA NumberSUS NumberSectionEdition
or 356
or 1435
43 (volume 1) [ Main report ]Final report
or 1436
43 (volume 2) Appendices A through JDecember 1981 version
(previous version released July 1981)
--269 Appendix CExcerpt from the December 1981 version.   See note below for more information concerning this PDF.


Because the PDF scans are imperfect, a couple pages have been duplicated for clarity including the last page of Table C.7 (in Appendix C).

Appendix C is included in the second volume, but the Alaska Power Authority created an excerpt from that volume containing only that appendix, but the staff included only the first 41 pages (omitting figures C.2 to C.11).   The Arctic Environmental Information and Data Center later assigned that excerpt its own SUS number.   All of Appendix C is included in this PDF even though the last ten figures had not been included in the extract that was assigned number SUS 269.

The first volume appeared as a 2nd draft dated June 1981.   It is numbered APA 1283 and SUS 85.

That 2nd draft was accompanied by the second volume dated July 1981, which is titled "Appendices A through I".   Note that it did not have Appendix J.