Susitna Hydro Aquatic Studies. Phase II report, Synopsis of the 1982 aquatic studies and analysis of fish and habitat relationships / by Alaska Department of Fish and Game, Susitna Hydro Aquatic Studies.

Title also appears as: Synopsis of the 1982 aquatic studies and analysis of fish and habitat relationships.

Anchorage, Alaska : Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game, 1983.



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18616a Main Report

Introduction -- Results and discussion of the fish and habitat studies on the Susitna River below Devil Canyon -- The fisheries studies within the boundaries of the proposed impoundments above Devil Canyon -- Summary of the instream flow relationships of the fisheries resources downstream of Devil Canyon -- Contributors -- Glossary of common and scientific names.

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40 app.18516b Appendices

Analysis of the species selectivity of fishwheels for the capture of adult salmon in the Susitna River -- Timing and passage of adult salmon in the mainstem Susitna River and access into selected sloughs upstream of the Chulitna River confluence -- Qualitative analysis of salmon spawning habitat in sloughs located within the Talkeetna to Devil Canyon reach of the Susitna River -- Models of hydraulic conditions and chum salmon spawning habitat in selected Susitna River sloughs -- Effects of mainstem Susitna discharge on total wetted and backwater surface areas at selected study sites -- Influence of habitat parameters on distribution and relative abundance of juvenile salmon and resident species -- Use of major habitat types by juvenile salmon and resident species -- Habitat relationships of juvenile salmon outmigration -- A model of the effect of incremental increases in sport fishing on population structure of arctic grayling above Devil Canyon -- Age-length relationships for arctic grayling and rainbow trout -- Evaluation of arctic grayling spawning and rearing habitat and notes on salmon spawning in the impoundment study area of the Susitna River.

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