Index Cards to Federal Power Withdrawal sites related to Alaska Federal Land Withdrawals and Reservations

General information:   For more information about the Alaska Federal Land Withdrawals collection, return to the ARLIS’s Federal Land Withdrawal homepage.

Summary:   The file of site index cards contains information from the monitoring and assessment of individual streams and land forms.   The cards document field work accomplished for the atlases created by BLM in 1952 (An Atlas of Alaska Showing Federal Land Withdrawals and Reservations) and 1958 (Alaska Federal Land Withdrawals and Reservations).   All the cards had been prepared after those years, but they contain references to reports released before that period.   Each card is a printed form with either typed, handwritten, or machine printed notes.

Dates:   The bulk years during which cards were prepared range from 1978 to 1985.   A large number of the cards lack a preparation date.   In the body of the data, cards often provide other dates, which are references to earlier reports.

Physical description of original set:   1272 cards : both sides ; 13 x 21 cm.

Notes:   Many cards are single-sided.   The 1272 cards have been digitized in 1028 files.   Some PDF files contain multiple cards with the same location name, and in other cases a PDF file contains a card set comprising multiple versions of the same data (such as one original handwritten card, one typed version, and/or one printed version).

Data file:   ARLIS prepared a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet of the cards, which condenses certain data from the cards and which may be useful to researchers.

1 - Northern

2 - Western

3 - Interior

4 - Southwest

5 - Southcentral

6 - Southeast

Map of Alaska showing the six major regions

Region 1

Northern Alaska

Alaska map showing northern Alaska

FPW NC 0001Sagavanirktok RiverUpper Sagavanirktok RiverPhillip Smith Mountains Reconnaissance
FPW NC 0002Sagavanirktok RiverAtigun Gorge
("Antigun Gorge")
Phillip Smith Mountains Reconnaissance
FPW NC 0003Accomplishment CreekAccomplishment CreekPhillip Smith Mountains Reconnaissance
FPW NC 0004Sagavanirktok RiverLower Sagavanirktok RiverSagavanirktok Reconnaissance
FPW NC 0005Lupine RiverLupine RiverPhillip Smith Mountains Reconnaissance
FPW NC 0006Ivishak RiverSaviukviayak RiverSagavanirktok Reconnaissance
FPW NC 0007Echooka RiverEchooka RiverSagavanirktok Reconnaissance
FPW NC 0008Okpilak RiverKaktovik
FPW NC 0009Colville RiverColville River
FPW NC 0010Pitmegea River
("Pitmega River")
FPW NC 0014KoguluktukShungnak (D-2)
FPW NC 0015Kobuk RiverKobuk RiverBaird Mountains (A-1)
FPW NC 0016Noatak RiverUpper NoatakBaird Mountains Reconnaissance
FPW NC 0017Noatak RiverUpper CanyonBaird Mountains Reconnaissance
FPW NC 0018Noatak RiverNoatak (A-2)
FPW NC 0019Noatak RiverIgichukNoatak Reconnaissance
FPW NC 0020Ipewik RiverPoint Hope (B-2)
FPW NC 0021Kukpuk RiverKukpuk RiverPoint Hope Reconnaissance
FPW NC 0047Chandalar RiverEast ForkChandalar Reconnaissance
FPW NC 0050North Fork Chandalar RiverChandalar LakeChandalar Reconnaissance
FPW NC 0051North Fork Chandalar RiverNorth ForkChandalar (B-4)
FPW NC 0052Chandalar RiverEast ForkChandalar Reconnaissance
FPW NC 0119Tinayguk RiverRuby CreekWiseman Reconnaissance
FPW NC 0120Glacier River tributary of Tinayguk RiverGlacier RiverWiseman Reconnaissance
FPW NC 0121Wild RiverFlat Creek
FPW NC 0122Wild RiverScofield CreekWiseman Reconnaissance
FPW NC 0123John RiverEagle CreekWiseman Reconnaissance
FPW NC 0124Allen River tributary of John RiverAllen RiverWiseman Reconnaissance
FPW NC 0132Inukpasugruk CreekAnaktuvuk Pass

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Region 2

Western Alaska

Alaska map showing western Alaska

FPW NC 0011Kugruk RiverKugruk RiverKotzebue (A-2)
FPW NC 0012Kiwalik RiverCandleCandle (D-6)
FPW NC 0013Buckland RiverBuckland RiverCandle (D-4)
FPW NC 0022Moonlight Springs
FPW NC 0023Tuksuk Channel Dam
FPW NC 0024Salmon Lake
FPW NC 0025Nome
FPW NC 0026Bluestone River Dam
FPW NC 0027Fish River
FPW NC 0028Kuzitrin Dam
FPW NC 0029Kruzgamepa River
("Kruzgomepa River")
Salmon Lake
FPW NC 0030Kuzitrin River-Imiruk BasinTuksuk GorgeTeller (A-3)
FPW NC 0031Imiruk BasinTuksuk GorgeTeller (A-3)
FPW NC 0032Kuzitrin RiverTuksuk GorgeTeller (A-3)
FPW NC 0033Sulphur Creek tributary of Nome RiverNomeNome (D-1)
FPW NC 0062Yukon RiverKaltagNulato (A-6)
FPW NC 0063Yukon RiverKaltagNulato (A-6)
FPW NC 0133UnnamedScammon Bay
FPW NC 0134UnnamedScammon Bay
FPW NC 0135Puyulik CreekGoodnews (A-7)
FPW NC 0136Kisaralik RiverGolden Gate
FPW NC 0137Goodnews RiverGoodnews LakeGoodnews (B-5)
FPW NC 0138Nimgun Creek
("Ningun Creek")
Goodnews (B-5)
FPW NC 0139Canyon Creek tributary of Goodnews RiverCanyon LakeGoodnews (B-6)
FPW NC 0140Goodnews RiverSlate CreekGoodnews (B-7)
FPW NC 0141Barnum CreekGoodnews (B-7)
FPW NC 0142Middle Fork Goodnews RiverMiddle ForkGoodnews (B-5)
FPW NC 0143South Fork Goodnews RiverGoodnews (A-6)
FPW NC 0144Tunulik RiverGoodnews (A-7)
FPW NC 0145Arolik RiverKeno CreekGoodnews (C-7)
FPW NC 0146Kanektok RiverGoodnews (D-4)
FPW NC 0147Kanuktik CreekKanuktik LakeGoodnews (C-4)
FPW NC 0148Tributary of Kanuktik CreekGoodnews (D-4)
FPW NC 0149Kanuktik CreekGoodnews (D-4)
FPW NC 0150Kanuktik CreekGoodnews (D-4)
FPW NC 0151Kanektok RiverQuiukachamutGoodnews (D-5)
FPW NC 0152Takshilik CreekGoodnews (C-6)
FPW NC 0153Kipchuk RiverKipchuk RiverBethel (D-1)
FPW NC 0154Tributary of Salmon RiverEagle CreekBethel (D-2)
FPW NC 0155Kuskokwim RiverCrooked CreekSleetmute (D-6)
FPW NC 0156Kuskokwim RiverCrooked CreekSleetmute (D-6)
FPW NC 0211Nuyakuk RiverNishlik LakeTaylor Mountains (B-8)
FPW NC 0212Nuyakuk RiverNishlik LakeTaylor Mountains (B-8)
FPW NC 0213Upnuk LakeUpnuk LakeTaylor Mountains (B-8)
FPW NC 0214Upnuk LakeUpnuk LakeTaylor Mountains (B-8)
FPW NC 0215Nyakuk RiverTikchik LakesDillingham (D-6)
FPW NC 0216Upnuk LakeTaylor Mountains (B-8)
FPW NC 0217Allen RiverChikuminuk RiverTaylor Mountains (A-8)
FPW NC 0218Chikuminuk LakeChikuminuk LakeTaylor Mountains (A-7)
FPW NC 0219Chikuminuk LakeChikuminuk LakeTaylor Mountains (A-7)
FPW NC 0220Nyakuk-Tikchik LakesDillingham (D-8)
FPW NC 0221Nuyakuk RiverTikchik LakesDillingham (D-6)
FPW NC 0225Nushagak RiverNew Stuyahok
FPW NC 0226Wood RiverLake Kulik
FPW NC 0227Grant LakeGrant LakeDillingham (D-7)
FPW NC 0228Wood RiverLake Kulik
FPW NC 0229Elva CreekElva LakeGoodnews Bay (C-1)
FPW NC 0230Grant Lake
FPW NC 0231Wood RiverGrant LakeDillingham (D-7)
FPW NC 0232Wood RiverGrant LakeDillingham (D-7)
FPW NC 0233Lake ElvaGoodnews Bay (C-1)
FPW NC 0234Elva CreekLake Elva
FPW NC 0235Agulowak River-Wood RiverLake NerkaDillingham (B-8)
FPW NC 0236Agulowak RiverAgulowak RiverDillingham (B-8)
FPW NC 0237Igushik RiverAmanka Lake-Ualik LakeGoodnews (A-1)
FPW NC 0238Kulukak RiverKulukakGoodnews (A-3)
FPW NC 0239Negukthlik RiverGoodnews (A-3)
FPW NC 0240Trail CreekTrail CreekGoodnews (D-2)
FPW NC 0241Unnamed tributary of Trail CreekHigh LakeGoodnews (D-2)
FPW NC 0242Togiak RiverTogiak RiverGoodnews (C-2)
FPW NC 0243Kemak RiverKemak River (Narogurum River)Goodnews (C-3)
FPW NC 0244Nagugun CreekNagugun LakeGoodnews (C-4)
FPW NC 0245Nayorurun RiverNagugun CreekGoodnews (C-4)
FPW NC 0246Togiak RiverKashaiak RiverGoodnews (B-3)
FPW NC 0247Togiak RiverTogiak
FPW NC 0248Kurtluk RiverGoodnews (A-4)
FPW NC 0249Quigmy RiverGoodnews (A-5)
FPW NC 0250Matogak River
FPW NC 0251Tributary of Matogak RiverGoodnews (A-5)

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Region 3

Interior Alaska

Alaska map showing Interior Alaska

FPW NC 0034Fortymile RiverMiddle Fork of North ForkEagle (B-4)
FPW NC 0035Fortymile RiverMiddle Fork of North ForkEagle (B-4)
FPW NC 0036Fortymile RiverNorth ForkEagle (B-2)
FPW NC 0037Fortymile RiverSteel CreekEagle (B-1)
FPW NC 0038Fortymile RiverNorth ForkEagle (B-2)
FPW NC 0039Fortymile RiverSteel CreekEagle (B-1)
FPW NC 0040Beaver CreekFossil CreekLivengood Reconnaissance
FPW NC 0041Yukon RiverHessLivengood Reconnaissance
FPW NC 0042Hess CreekErickson CreekLivengood Reconnaissance
FPW NC 0043Yukon RiverWoodchopperCharley River (B-5)
FPW NC 0044Yukon RiverWoodchopperCharley River (B-5)
FPW NC 0045Porcupine RiverCampbellColeen (B-1)
FPW NC 0046Porcupine RiverCampbellColeen (B-1)
FPW NC 0048Birch CreekBirch CreekCircle (B-2)
FPW NC 0049Birch CreekBirch CreekCircle (B-2)
FPW NC 0053Yukon RiverRampart CanyonTanana (B-3)
FPW NC 0054Yukon RiverRampart CanyonTanana (B-2) or (B-3)
FPW NC 0055Titna River
FPW NC 0056Nowitna RiverNowitnaRuby (B-2)
FPW NC 0057Nowitna RiverNowitnaRuby (B-2)
FPW NC 0058Melozitna RiverMelozitnaRuby (D-6)
FPW NC 0059Melozitna RiverMelozitnaRuby (D-6)
FPW NC 0060Koyukuk RiverKanutiHughes (B-2)
FPW NC 0061Koyukuk RiverHughesHughes (A-3)
FPW NC 0064Kala CreekGalenaNulato (C-2)
FPW NC 0065Jack RiverJack RiverHealy (B-4)
FPW NC 0066Nenana RiverBruskasna CreekHealy (B-4)
FPW NC 0067Nenana RiverBruskasna Creek Dam Site
FPW NC 0068Nenana RiverYanertHealy (C-4)
FPW NC 0069Nenana RiverYanert (Carlo)Healy (C-4)
FPW NC 0070Nenana RiverYanertHealy (C-4)
FPW NC 0071Nenana RiverLagoonHealy (C-4)
FPW NC 0072Nenana RiverMcKinleyHealy (D-4)
FPW NC 0073Nenana RiverMcKinleyHealy (D-4)
FPW NC 0074Nenana RiverGarner DiversionHealy (D-4)
FPW NC 0075Nenana RiverMcKinleyHealy (D-4)
FPW NC 0076Nenana RiverSlagle DamHealy (D-4)
FPW NC 0077Nenana RiverWalker CreekFairbanks (A-5)
FPW NC 0078Nenana RiverBrowneFairbanks (A-5)
FPW NC 0079Jack RiverJack RiverHealy (B-4)
FPW NC 0080Teklanika RiverTeklanika RiverHealy (D-6)
FPW NC 0081Chatanika RiverShovel CreekLivengood (A-3)
FPW NC 0082Chatanika RiverShovel CreekLivengood (A-3)
FPW NC 0083Chatanika RiverShovel CreekLivengood Reconnaissance
FPW NC 0084Chatanika RiverDavidson Ditch
FPW NC 0085Teklanika RiverTeklanikaHealy (D-6)
FPW NC 0086Washington CreekWashington CreekLivengood Reconnaissance
FPW NC 0091Tanana RiverCathedral RapidsTanacross (B-6)
FPW NC 0092Goodpaster RiverGoodpaster RiverBig Delta Reconnaissance
FPW NC 0093Tanana RiverCathedral RapidsTanacross (B-6)
FPW NC 0094Tanana RiverCathedral Rapids Dam Site
FPW NC 0095Tanana RiverJohnsonMount Hayes (C-2)
FPW NC 0096Tanana RiverGerstleMount Hayes (D-2)
FPW NC 0097Goodpaster RiverRock Creek (Good Pasture)Big Delta (B-1, B-2)
FPW NC 0098Goodpaster RiverGoodpasterBig Delta (B-1, B-2)
FPW NC 0099Goodpaster RiverMiddleBig Delta (B-2)
FPW NC 0100Goodpaster RiverLowerBig Delta (B-3)
FPW NC 0101Tanana RiverBig DeltaBig Delta (A-4)
FPW NC 0102Tanana RiverLittle DeltaBig Delta (B-6)
FPW NC 0103Salcha RiverSalcha RiverBig Delta (C-6)
FPW NC 0104Salcha RiverSalcha River (USACE)Big Delta (C-3)
FPW NC 0105Salcha RiverSalcha RiverBig Delta (C-3)
FPW NC 0106Salcha RiverThe SplitsBig Delta (C-3)
FPW NC 0107Salcha RiverSalcha River (AP Admin)Big Delta (C-5)
FPW NC 0108Chena RiverChenaBig Delta (C-5)
FPW NC 0109Chena RiverChena RiverBig Delta (D-5)
FPW NC 0110Chena RiverChena RiverBig Delta (D-5)
FPW NC 0111Chena RiverChena River
FPW NC 0112Tatlanika RiverTatlanikaFairbanks (A-3)
FPW NC 0113Totatlanika CreekTotatlanika CreekFairbanks (A-4)
FPW NC 0114Nenana RiverBruskasna CreekHealy (B-4)
FPW NC 0115Totatlanika CreekTotatlanika CreekFairbanks (A-4)
FPW NC 0116Dot Lake Site
FPW NC 0117Clear CreekChena SiteFairbanks (D-2)
FPW NC 0118Kokoma CreekChatanika SiteLivengood (A-1)
FPW NC 0125Jim RiverJim RiverBettles Reconnaissance
FPW NC 0126South Fork Koyukuk RiverSouth ForkBettles Reconnaissance
FPW NC 0127Koyukuk RiverHawzerah CreekBettles Reconnaissance
FPW NC 0128East Fork Henshaw CreekEast ForkBettles Reconnaissance
FPW NC 0129Henshaw CreekHenshaw CreekBettles Reconnaissance
FPW NC 0130Koyukuk RiverKanutiHughes (B-2)
FPW NC 0131Koyukuk RiverHughesHughes (A-3)
FPW NC 0438Boulder CreekBoulder CreekHealy (B-1)
FPW NC 0442Clearwater CreekClearwaterMount Hayes (A-6)
FPW NC 0443West Fork McLaren RiverWest ForkMount Hayes (A-6)
FPW NC 0486East Fork Chulitna RiverEast ForkHealy (A-5)
FPW NC 0487East Fork Chulitna RiverBroad PassHealy (A-5)
FPW NC 0488Honolulu CreekHonolulu CreekHealy (A-5)
FPW NC 0489West Fork ChulitnaWest ForkHealy (A-6)
FPW NC 0490ChulitnaChulitna-HurricaneHealy (A-6)
FPW NC 0574Gulkana RiverSummit LakeMount Hayes (A-3, A-4)

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Region 4

Southwest Alaska

Alaska map showing Southwest Alaska

FPW NC 0157Unnamed tributary of Bristol BayCreekChignik (A-8)
FPW NC 0158King Salmon River tributary of Bristol BayKing Salmon RiverChignik (A-8)
FPW NC 0159Landlocked CreekLandlocked CreekChignik (C-2)
FPW NC 0160Reindeer CreekReindeer CreekChignik (D-1, D-2)
FPW NC 0161Hot Springs Creek tributary of Bristol BayHot Springs CreekUgashik (C-2)
FPW NC 0162Unnamed tributary of Becharof LakeTwo Lake #1Ugashik (C-1)
FPW NC 0163Unnamed tributary of Becharof LakeTwo Lake #2Ugashik (C-1)
FPW NC 0164Egegik RiverBecharof LakeNaknek (A-3)
FPW NC 0165Savonoski River
("Savanoski River")
South Fork Savonoski River
("Savanoski River")
Mount Katmai (B-2, B-3, C-2, C-3)
FPW NC 0166American CreekAmerican CreekMount Katmai (D-4, D-3, C-4, C-3)
FPW NC 0167Iliuk ArmLake GrosvenorMount Katmai (C-4, C-5)
FPW NC 0168Savonoski RiverGrosvenor LakeMount Katmai (C-5)
FPW NC 0169Tributary of Naknek RiverIdavain LakeMount Katmai (C-6, D-6), Naknek (C-1)
FPW NC 0170Tributary of Naknek RiverLake BrooksMount Katmai (C-6)
FPW NC 0171Naknek RiverNaknek Lake/RiverNaknek (C-2)
FPW NC 0198Kvichak RiverDillingham (A-2)
FPW NC 0199Alagnak RiverKukaklek Lake Iliamna (A-7)
FPW NC 0200Alagnak RiverKukaklek Lake Iliamna (A-7)
FPW NC 0201Alagnak RiverKukaklek Lake Iliamna (B-7)
FPW NC 0202Alagnek River Kvichak RiverKukaklek Lake #1Iliamna (A-7)
FPW NC 0203Alagnek River Kvichak RiverKukaklet Lake #2
FPW NC 0204Alagnek River Kvichak RiverKukaklek Lake (USGS)Iliamna (A-7)
FPW NC 0205Alagnek River Kvichak RiverKukaklek Lake (USBR)Iliamna (A-7)
FPW NC 0206Alagnek River Kvichak RiverAlagnak RiverIliamna (A-8)
FPW NC 0207Alagnek River Kvichak RiverAlagnak RiverIliamna (A-8)
FPW NC 0208Kulik LakeKulik Lake
FPW NC 0209Nonvianuk RiverNonvianuk RiverIliamna (A-8)
FPW NC 0210Nonvianuk RiverNonvianuk RiverIliamna (A-8)
FPW NC 0252UnnamedAkutan
FPW NC 0253Afognak RiverAfognak LakeAfognak (A-3)
FPW NC 0254Savanoski RiverGrosvenor LakeMount Katmai (C-5)
FPW NC 0255Mennonite CreekCrescent Lake
FPW NC 0256Unnamed tributary of Dry Spruce BayPort BaileyKodiak (D-4)
FPW NC 0257Terror RiverTerror LakeKodiak (C-4)
FPW NC 0258Terror RiverTerror LakeKodiak (C-4)
FPW NC 0259Terror RiverTerror River Dam Site
FPW NC 0260Crater Creek tributary of Uganik BayCrater Creek (upper)Kodiak (D-4)
FPW NC 0261Crater Creek tributary of Uganik BayCrater Creek (lower)Kodiak (D-5)
FPW NC 0262One Mile CreekOne Mile CreekKodiak (C-4)
FPW NC 0263Uganik RiverUganikKodiak (C-5)
FPW NC 0264Spiridon LakeSpiridon LakeKodiak (C-5)
FPW NC 0265Spiridon LakeSpiridon LakeKodiak (C-5)
FPW NC 0266Unnamed creek at lake outletSpiridon Lake Dam Site
FPW NC 0267Spiridon RiverSpiridon RiverKodiak (C-5)
FPW NC 0268Spiridon RiverSpiridon RiverKodiak (C-5)
FPW NC 0269Unnamed tributary of Uyak BayParksKodiak (B-6)
FPW NC 0270Karluk RiverKarluk LakeKarluk (C-1)
FPW NC 0271Karluk RiverKarluk LakeKarluk (B-1)
FPW NC 0272Ayakulik RiverRed River LakeKarluk (B-2)
FPW NC 0273AyakulikAyakulikKarluk (A-2)
FPW NC 0274Chip CreekChip CreekKarluk (A-1)
FPW NC 0275Akalura CreekAkalura LakeKarluk (A-1)
FPW NC 0276Dog Salmon CreekFrazer Lake
("Frasier Lake")
Karluk (A-1)
FPW NC 0277Uganik RiverUganik LakeKodiak (C-5)
FPW NC 0278Dog Salmon CreekFrazer Lake
("Frazier Lake")
Karluk (A-1)
FPW NC 0279Fugitive CreekFugitive CreekKodiak (A-4)
FPW NC 0280Unnamed tributary of Shearwater BayShearwaterKodiak (B-3)
FPW NC 0281Unnamed tributary of Shearwater BayShearwaterKodiak (B-3)
FPW NC 0282UnnamedOuzinkie Site 2
FPW NC 0283UnnamedOuzinkie Site 1
FPW NC 0284Indian CreekIndian Creek Site
FPW NC 0285Lake near Devil’s CoveMount Katmai (B-1)
FPW NC 0286Unnamed lake near Hidden HarborMount Katmai (A-2)
FPW NC 0287Dakavak LakeMount Katmai (A-3)
FPW NC 0288Little KanatakLittle KanatakUgashik (C-1)
FPW NC 0289Kanatak CreekKanatak LakeUgashik (C-1)
FPW NC 0290Kanatak CreekKanatak CreekUgashik (C-1)
FPW NC 0291Chignik #2Chignik (B-2)
FPW NC 0292Chignik #1Chignik (B-2)
FPW NC 0293Indian CreekUpper LakeChignik (B-2)
FPW NC 0294Snowbird CreekSnowbird CreekChignik (B-2)
FPW NC 0295KametolookKametolook/Ivanof RiverStepovak Bay (D-5)
FPW NC 0296Mud Bay Lake CreekMud Bay Lake Creek Site
FPW NC 0297Packers CreekPackers Creek Site
FPW NC 0298UnnamedPerryville Site
FPW NC 0562Kirschner LakeUnnamedIliamna (B-3)
FPW NC 0563Paint RiverPaint River (upper)Iliamna (A-4)
FPW NC 0564Paint RiverPaint RiverIliamna (A-4)
FPW NC 0565McNeil RiverMcNeil RiverIliamna (A-4)

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Region 5

Southcentral Alaska

Alaska map showing Southcentral Alaska

FPW NC 0087Chisana RiverChisana RiverNabesna Reconnaissance
FPW NC 0088Chisana RiverChisana RiverNabesna Reconnaissance
FPW NC 0089Nabesna RiverNabesna RiverNabesna (D-3)
FPW NC 0090Nabesna RiverNabesna RiverNabesna (D-3)
FPW NC 0172Tributary of KvichakLachbuna LakeLake Clark (B-3)
FPW NC 0173Kijik RiverIngersol LakeLake Clark (B-3)
FPW NC 0174Kijik RiverIngersol LakeLake Clark (B-3)
FPW NC 0175Kijik RiverIngersol Lake Dam Site
FPW NC 0176Kijik RiverKijik River Dam Site
FPW NC 0177Tanalian RiverKontrashibuna LakeLake Clark (A-4)
FPW NC 0178Tanalian RiverKontrashibuna LakeLake Clark (A-4)
FPW NC 0179Tanalian RiverKontrashibuna LakeLake Clark (A-4)
FPW NC 0180Tanalian RiverTanalian River
FPW NC 0181Kaksetna RiverKaksetna RiverLake Clark (B-6)
FPW NC 0182Tazimina LakeTazimina LakeLake Clark (A-5)
FPW NC 0183Tazimina
FPW NC 0184Tazimina RiverTazimina LakeLake Clark (A-5)
FPW NC 0185Tazimina RiverUpper Taziminia Lake Dam Site
FPW NC 0186Lower Tazimina LakeLower Tazimina Lake Dam Site
FPW NC 0187Tazimina RiverLower Tazimina LakeIliamna (D-5)
FPW NC 0188Tazimina RiverLake TaziminaIliamna (D-5)
FPW NC 0189Tazimina RiverRoadhouse Mtn. Dam Site
FPW NC 0190Newhalen RiverNewhalen RiverIliamna (D-6)
FPW NC 0191Newhalen RiverNewhalen River Dam Site
FPW NC 0192Summit Lake #1Iliamna (C-2,C-3, D-2, D-3)
FPW NC 0193Chinkelyes CreekSummit Lake #2Iliamna (C-2)
FPW NC 0194Tributary of Copper RiverMeadowlakeIliamna (C-3)
FPW NC 0195Kakhonak RiverKokhanok RiverIliamna (B-4)
FPW NC 0196Kakhonak RiverKakhonak River Dam SiteIliamna (D-7)
FPW NC 0197Upper Talarik CreekUpper Talarik CreekIliamna (D-7)
FPW NC 0222Chilikadrotna RiverTwin Lakes Dam SiteLake Clark (C-3)
FPW NC 0223Koktuli RiverKoktuli Iliamna (D-7)
FPW NC 0224Koktuli RiverNorth ForkIliamna (D-7)
FPW NC 0299Grant CreekGrant CreekSeward (B-7)
FPW NC 0300Kenai River
("Kenia River")
Moose Horn RapidsKenai (C-2)
FPW NC 0301Lost CreekLost LakeSeward (B-7)
FPW NC 0302Nellie Juan RiverNellie Juan #1Seward (B-6)
FPW NC 0303Nellie Juan RiverNellie Juan #2Seward (B-6)
FPW NC 0304Nellie Juan RiverNellie Juan #3Seward (B-5)
FPW NC 0305Halibut CreekHalibut CreekSeldovia (C-4)
FPW NC 0306Seldovia RiverSeldovia LakeSeldovia (B-5)
FPW NC 0307Seldovia RiverSeldovia Lake Dam Site
FPW NC 0308Halibut Creek tributary of Kachemak BayHalibut CanyonSeldovia (C-3)
FPW NC 0309Halibut CreekHalibut Creek Dam Site
FPW NC 0310Unnamed tributary of Bear CoveBear Cove
FPW NC 0311Battle CreekNorth Fork DiversionSeldovia (C-3)
FPW NC 0312Battle CreekBattle CreekSeldovia (D-3)
FPW NC 0313Windy RiverSeldovia
FPW NC 0314Bradley RiverBradley LakeSeldovia (D-3)
FPW NC 0315Bradley RiverBradley LakeSeldovia (D-3)
FPW NC 0316Bradley CreekBradley Lake
FPW NC 0317Bradley RiverBradley Lake Dam Site
FPW NC 0318Bradley RiverMile 6.7Seldovia (D-3)
FPW NC 0319Bradley RiverMile 6.7 Dam Site
FPW NC 0320Bradley RiverMile 3.8Seldovia (D-3)
FPW NC 0321Bradley River North ForkNorth ForkSeldovia (D-3)
FPW NC 0322Unnamed tributary of Bradley CreekNorth Diversion
FPW NC 0323Bradley River North ForkNorth Fork Bradley CreekSeldovia (D-3)
FPW NC 0324BradleyBradley Lake
FPW NC 0325Fox RiverFox RiverSeldovia (D-3)
FPW NC 0326Fox RiverFox RiverSeldovia (D-3)
FPW NC 0327Sheep Creek tributary of Fox RiverSheep CreekSeldovia (D-2)
FPW NC 0328Sheep Creek tributary of Fox RiverSheep Creek AlternativeSeldovia (D-2)
FPW NC 0329Anchor RiverAnchor RiverSeldovia (D-5)
FPW NC 0330Anchor RiverAnchor River Dam Site
FPW NC 0331Tutsumena GlacierTutsumenaKenai (A-2)
FPW NC 0332Kasilof RiverKasilofKenai (B-4)
FPW NC 0333Kasilof RiverKasilofKenai (B-4)
FPW NC 0334Kasilof RiverKasilof Dam Site
FPW NC 0335Kasilof RiverKasilof RiverKenai (B-4)
FPW NC 0336Kasilof RiverKasilof River Dam Site
FPW NC 0337Snow RiverSnow RiverSeward (B-2)
FPW NC 0338Snow RiverSnow RiverSeward (B-7)
FPW NC 0339Snow RiverSnow RiverSeward (B-7)
FPW NC 0340Snow RiverMile 8.5Seward (A-6)
FPW NC 0341Ptarmigan CreekPtarmigan LakeSeward (B-7)
FPW NC 0342Ptarmigan Creek tributary of Kenai RiverPtarmigan LakeSeward (B-7)
FPW NC 0343Ptarmigan CreekPtarmigan LakeSeward (B-6, B-7)
FPW NC 0344Ptarmigan CreekPtarmigan LakeSeward (B-7)
FPW NC 0345Crescent CreekCrescent & Carter LakeSeward (C-7)
FPW NC 0346Carter CreekCarter LakeSeward (B-7)
FPW NC 0347Carter LakeCarter Lake
FPW NC 0348Carter CreekCarter Lake Dam Site
FPW NC 0349Grant CreekGrant LakeSeward (B-7)
FPW NC 0350Grant CreekGrant LakeSeward (B-6, B-7)
FPW NC 0351Grant CreekGrant LakeSeward (B-7)
FPW NC 0352Falls CreekFalls Creek DiversionSeward (B-6, B-7)
FPW NC 0353Crescent CreekCrescent LakeSeward (B-7)
FPW NC 0354Crescent CreekCrescent & Carter LakeSeward (C-7)
FPW NC 0355Crescent CreekCrescent Lake Dam Site
FPW NC 0356Kenai RiverKenai LakeKenai (B-1), Seward (B-8)
FPW NC 0357Juneau CreekJuneau LakeSeward (B-8)
FPW NC 0358Juneau CreekJuneau LakeSeward (B-8)
FPW NC 0359Juneau CreekJuneau Creek (Mile 3.8)Seward (C-8)
FPW NC 0360Cooper LakeCooper LakeSeward (B-8)
FPW NC 0361Cooper LakeCooper Lake Dam Site
FPW NC 0362Russian RiverUpper Russian LakeSeward (B-8)
FPW NC 0363Russian RiverLower Russian LakeSeward (B-8)
FPW NC 0364Kenai RiverStelterKenai (B-1)
FPW NC 0365Kenai RiverStelterKenai (B-1)
FPW NC 0366Kenai RiverSuprise Creek
FPW NC 0367Killey RiverKilley RiverKenai (B-2)
FPW NC 0368Kenai RiverMoose Horn RapidsKenai (C-2)
FPW NC 0369Kenai RiverLower KenaiKenai (B-3)
FPW NC 0370Kenai RiverKenai River Dam Site
FPW NC 0371Chickaloon RiverSwan LakeSeward (C-8)
FPW NC 0372Mystery CreekMystery CreekKenai (C-1)
FPW NC 0373Johnson CreekGull RockSeward (D-8)
FPW NC 0374Resurrection CreekRimrock CreekSeward (D-8)
FPW NC 0375Placer RiverWhittier Site
FPW NC 0376Bear CreekHope
FPW NC 0377East Fork Sixmile CreekSilvertip CreekSeward (C-7)
FPW NC 0378East Fork Sixmile CreekGulch CreekSeward (D-7)
FPW NC 0379Canyon Creek tributary of Sixmile CreekShieldSeward (C-7)
FPW NC 0380Canyon Creek tributary of Sixmile CreekMile 50Seward (C-7)
FPW NC 0381Canyon Creek tributary of Sixmile CreekClinton CreekSeward (D-7)
FPW NC 0382Sixmile CreekMile 1 (Hope Hwy)Seward (D-7)
FPW NC 0383Sixmile CreekMile 2 (Hope Hwy)Seward (D-7)
FPW NC 0384Sixmile CreekSunriseSeward (D-7)
FPW NC 0385Rabbit CreekRabbit Creek DiversionAnchorage (A-8)
FPW NC 0386South Fork Campbell Creek
("Cambell Creek")
South Fork DiversionAnchorage (A-8)
FPW NC 0387Campbell Creek
("Cambell Creek")
North Fork
FPW NC 0388North Fork Campbell Creek
("Cambell Creek")
North Fork DiversionAnchorage (A-8)
FPW NC 0389Eagle RiverSite 2
FPW NC 0390Ship CreekShip Creek (mouth)
FPW NC 0391Ship CreekShip Creek (1 mi. upstream)
FPW NC 0392Ship CreekShip Creek (3.5 mi. upstream)
FPW NC 0393Ship CreekDam Site BAnchorage (A-7)
FPW NC 0394Ship CreekDam Site AAnchorage (A-7)
FPW NC 0395Ship CreekDiversion Dam
FPW NC 0396Ship CreekShip Creek Dam
FPW NC 0397South Fork Eagle RiverSouth ForkAnchorage (B-7)
FPW NC 0398Eagle RiverDam Site #2Anchorage (B-7)
FPW NC 0399Eagle RiverEagle River #1Anchorage (B-7)
FPW NC 0400Eagle RiverEagle River #2Anchorage (B-8)
FPW NC 0401Eklutna CreekEklutna Lake Dam Site
FPW NC 0402Eklutna
FPW NC 0403Eklutna LakeEklutnaAnchorage (B-6)
FPW NC 0404Peters CreekPeters Creek DiversionAnchorage (B-7)
FPW NC 0405Eagle RiverSite 1 (1.9 mi upstream)
FPW NC 0406Tributary of Hunter CreekUnnamedAnchorage (B-5)
FPW NC 0407Lake Fork Knik RiverLake GeorgeAnchorage (B-5)
FPW NC 0408Glacier Fork Knik RiverGlacier Fork (upper)Anchorage (B-4)
FPW NC 0409Glacier Fork Knik RiverGlacier Fork (lower)Anchorage (B-5)
FPW NC 0410Metal CreekMetal CreekAnchorage (B-5)
FPW NC 0411MatanuskaMeekinsAnchorage (D-2)
FPW NC 0412Kings RiverChickaloon
FPW NC 0413Caribou CreekAlfred CreekAnchorage (D-2)
FPW NC 0414Caribou CreekCaribouAnchorage (D-2)
FPW NC 0415MatanuskaHicksAnchorage (D-3)
FPW NC 0416MatanuskaPurinton CreekAnchorage (D-4)
FPW NC 0417Matanuska RiverCoal CreekAnchorage (D-4)
FPW NC 0418Boulder CreekBoulder CreekAnchorage (D-4)
FPW NC 0419Boulder CreekRush LakeAnchorage (D-4)
FPW NC 0420Chickaloon RiverChickaloon RiverAnchorage (D-4)
FPW NC 0421Chickaloon RiverChickaloon River Dam Site
FPW NC 0422Matanuska RiverKing MountainAnchorage (D-5)
FPW NC 0423King RiverCastle MountainAnchorage (D-5)
FPW NC 0424Matanuska RiverKings RiverAnchorage (C-5)
FPW NC 0425Matanuska RiverMatanuska River #2Anchorage (C-6)
FPW NC 0426Matanuska RiverUnnamedAnchorage (C-6)
FPW NC 0427MatanuskaMoose CreekAnchorage (C-6)
FPW NC 0428MatanuskaPalmerAnchorage (C-6)
FPW NC 0429Cottonwood CreekCottonwood LakeAnchorage (C-7)
FPW NC 0430Cottonwood CreekWasilla LakeAnchorage (C-7)
FPW NC 0431Archangel CreekArchangel DiversionAnchorage (D-6)
FPW NC 0432Archangel CreekReed Creek DiversionAnchorage (D-6)
FPW NC 0433Little SusitnaArchangel Creek DiversionAnchorage (D-6)
FPW NC 0434Fishhook CreekFishhook Creek DiversionAnchorage (D-7)
FPW NC 0435Little SusitnaFishhook Creek DiversionAnchorage (D-6)
FPW NC 0436Little SusitnaLittle Susitna DamAnchorage (C-6)
FPW NC 0437Little SusitnaMeridianAnchorage (C-7)
FPW NC 0439Susitna RiverDenali (USBR)Talkeetna Mountains (D-1)
FPW NC 0440Susitna RiverDenali (USBR)Talkeetna Mountains (D-1)
FPW NC 0441Susitna RiverDenali Dam Site
FPW NC 0444MacLaren River
("McLaren River")
MacLaren River
("McLaren River")
Gulkana (D-6)
FPW NC 0445Tyone RiverTyone LakeGulkana (C-6)
FPW NC 0446SusitnaOshetnaTalkeetna Mountains (C-1)
FPW NC 0447Susitna RiverDenaliTalkeetna Mountains (C-2)
FPW NC 0448SusitnaVee (USBR)Talkeetna Mountains (C-2)
FPW NC 0449SusitnaDenali (USCE) Vee (USBR)Talkeetna Mountains (C-2)
FPW NC 0450Susitna RiverDenaliTalkeetna Mountains (C-2)
FPW NC 0451Susitna RiverSusitna #1Talkeetna Mountains (C-2)
FPW NC 0452Susitna
FPW NC 0453Susitna RiverVee Project
FPW NC 0454Susitna RiverSusitna IIITalkeetns Mountains (D-2)
FPW NC 0455Susitna RiverUpstream Watana River
FPW NC 0456Susitna RiverWatana (USCE)Talkeetna Mountains (D-3)
FPW NC 0457Susitna RiverWatanaTalkeetna Mountains (D-3)
FPW NC 0458Deadman CreekDeadman CreekTalkeetna Mountains (D-3)
FPW NC 0459SusitnaDeadmanTalkeetna Mountains (D-3)
FPW NC 0460SusitnaWatanaTalkeetna Mountains (D-4)
FPW NC 0461Susitna RiverSusitna #2
FPW NC 0462Susitna RiverWatana (USBR)Talkeetna Mountains (D-4)
FPW NC 0463Susitna RiverWatanaTalkeetna Mountains (D-3)
FPW NC 0464Tsusena CreekTsusenaTalkeetna Mountains (D-4)
FPW NC 0465Fog CreekFog CreekTalkeetna Mountains (D-4)
FPW NC 0466Susitna RiverSitnaTalkeetna Mountains (D-4)
FPW NC 0467Susitna RiverSusitna ITalkeetna Mountains (D-5)
FPW NC 0468Susitna RiverDevil Canyon SiteTalkeetna Mountains (D-5)
FPW NC 0469Susitna RiverDevil’s CanyonTalkeetna Mountains (D-5)
FPW NC 0470Susitna RiverDevil CanyonTalkeetna Mountains (D-5)
FPW NC 0471Susitna RiverDevil’s CanyonTalkeetna Mountains (D-5)
FPW NC 0472Susitna RiverDevil Canyon Dam Site
FPW NC 0473Susitna RiverDevil Canyon (USBR)Talkeetna Mountains (D-5)
FPW NC 0474Susitna RiverPortage
FPW NC 0475Susitna RiverPortage (USCE)Talkeetna Mountains (D-5)
FPW NC 0476Susitna RiverSusitna #3 (Devil Canyon)Talkeetna Mountains (D-5)
FPW NC 0477Portage CreekThoroughfareTalkeetna Mountains (D-5)
FPW NC 0478SusitnaOlsonTalkeetna Mountains (D-5)
FPW NC 0479Susitna RiverOlson (Portage by USGS)Talkeetna Mountains (D-5)
FPW NC 0480Indian RiverMile 270 (ARR)Talkeetna Mountains (D-6)
FPW NC 0481SusitnaGoldTalkeetna Mountains (C-6)
FPW NC 0482Susitna RiverShermanTalkeetna Mountains (C-6)
FPW NC 0483SusitnaLaneTalkeetna (C-1)
FPW NC 0484Susitna RiverMile 240Talkeetna (B-1)
FPW NC 0485SusitnaWhiskersTalkeetna (B-1)
FPW NC 0491ChulitnaOhioTalkeetna Mountains (D-6)
FPW NC 0492Chulitna RiverMuldrowTalkeetna Mountains (D-6)
FPW NC 0493Chulitna RiverCoalTalkeetna Mountains (D-6)
FPW NC 0494ChulitnaEldridgeTalkeetna Mountains (D-6)
FPW NC 0495Chulitna RiverRuthTalkeetna Mountains (D-6)
FPW NC 0496Kashwitna RiverKashwitna RiverAnchorage (D-8)
FPW NC 0497ChulitnaLucyTalkeetna Mountains (D-6)
FPW NC 0498Chulitna RiverChulitna RiverTalkeetna Mountains (C-1)
FPW NC 0499Chulitna RiverTokichitnaTalkeetna Mountains (C-1)
FPW NC 0500ChulitnaTokichitnaTalkeetna Mountains (C-1)
FPW NC 0501ChulitnaTroublesomeTalkeetna Mountains (C-1)
FPW NC 0502ChulitnaLower ChulitnaTalkeetna (B-1)
FPW NC 0503Talkeetna RiverTrapper (USGS)Talkeetna Mountains (C-5)
FPW NC 0504Talkeetna RiverCacheTalkeetna Mountains (C-5)
FPW NC 0505Talkeetna RiverCacheTalkeetna Mountains (C-5)
FPW NC 0506Talkeetna RiverCacheTalkeetna Mountains (C-5)
FPW NC 0507Talkeetna RiverTalus HillTalkeetna Mountains (C-5)
FPW NC 0508TalkeetnaGreenstoneTalkeetna Mountains (C-5)
FPW NC 0509TalkeetnaWellsTalkeetna Mountains (B-5)
FPW NC 0510TalkeetnaGranite GorgeTalkeetna Mountains (B-5)
FPW NC 0511Talkeetna RiverTalkeetna #2Talkeetna Mountains (B-5)
FPW NC 0512Talkeetna RiverTalkeetna #2Talkeetna Mountains (B-5)
FPW NC 0513TalkeetnaUnnamedTalkeetna Mountains (B-5)
FPW NC 0514TalkeetnaSentinel RockTalkeetna Mountains (B-5)
FPW NC 0515Iron CreekIron CreekTalkeetna Mountains (B-5)
FPW NC 0516Talkeetna RiverTalkeetna #2Talkeetna Mountains (B-5)
FPW NC 0517Talkeetna RiverTalkeetna #3Talkeetna Mountains (B-6)
FPW NC 0518Talkeetna RiverTalkeetna #3Talkeetna Mountains (B-6)
FPW NC 0519Talkeetna RiverTalkeetna #3Talkeetna Mountains (B-6)
FPW NC 0520Sheep RiverSheep RiverTalkeetna Mountains (B-5)
FPW NC 0521Sheep RiverSheep RiverTalkeetna Mountains (B-5)
FPW NC 0522Sheep RiverSheep RiverTalkeetna Mountains (B-5)
FPW NC 0523Sheep RiverSheep River (alternative)Talkeetna Mountains (B-6)
FPW NC 0524Talkeetna River Talkeetna River (Sheep)Talkeetna Mountains (B-6)
FPW NC 0525Chunilna CreekTalkeetna Mountains (B-6)
FPW NC 0526Chunilna CreekChunilnaTalkeetna Mountains (B-1)
FPW NC 0527Kashwitna
FPW NC 0528Kashwitna RiverKashwitnaAnchorage (D-8)
FPW NC 0529Willow CreekWillow CreekAnchorage (D-8)
FPW NC 0530Skwentna RiverEmeraldTyonek (D-8)
FPW NC 0531Happy RiverHappyTyonek (D-7)
FPW NC 0532Skwentna RiverHayesTyonek (D-6)
FPW NC 0533Skwentna RiverHayes (Skwentna)Tyonek (D-6)
FPW NC 0534Skwentna RiverHayes, Skwentna RiverTyonek (D-5)
FPW NC 0535Talachulitna RiverTalachulitna RiverTyonek (D-4)
FPW NC 0536Skwentna RiverShellTyonek (D-4)
FPW NC 0537Skwentna RiverShellTyonek (D-4)
FPW NC 0538Lake CreekLake Creek (upper)Talkeetna (B-3)
FPW NC 0539Lake CreekLake Creek (lower)Talkeetna (A-2)
FPW NC 0540Yentna RiverYentnaTyonek (C-2)
FPW NC 0541Susitna RiverSusitna StationTyonek (C-2)
FPW NC 0542Caribou CreekCaribou CreekAnchorage (D-2)
FPW NC 0543Eagle RiverEagle River #2Anchorage (B-8)
FPW NC 0544Eagle RiverEagle River #1Anchorage (B-1)
FPW NC 0545Beluga RiverStrandline LakeTyonek (B-5)
FPW NC 0546Beluga RiverUpper BelugaTyonek (B-4)
FPW NC 0547Beluga RiverBeluga LakeTyonek (A-4)
FPW NC 0548Beluga RiverBeluga LakeTyonek (A-4)
FPW NC 0549Beluga RiverCoffeeTyonek (A-4)
FPW NC 0550Lower BelugaTyonek (A-3)
FPW NC 0551Chuitna RiverChuitnaTyonek (A-4)
FPW NC 0552Chakachamna LakeChakachamna LakeTyonek (A-6, A-7)
FPW NC 0553Chakachamna LakeChakachamna LakeTyonek (A-6, A-7)
FPW NC 0554Chakachamna LakeChakachamna Lake
FPW NC 0555Chakachamna RiverChakachamna LakeTyonek (A-6)
FPW NC 0556Chakachatna RiverBarrierTyonek (A-6)
FPW NC 0557ChakachatnaSpurrTyonek (A-6)
FPW NC 0558ChakachatnaCraterTyonek (A-6)
FPW NC 0559Crescent LakeCrescent LakeKenai (B-8)
FPW NC 0560Crescent RiverCrescent LakeKenai (B-8)
FPW NC 0561Crescent RiverCrescent Lake
FPW NC 0566White RiverWhite RiverBering Glacier (A-4)
FPW NC 0567Bering RiverBerg Lake
FPW NC 0568Halibut CreekHalibutSeldovia (C-4)
FPW NC 0569Halibut CreekHalibutSeldovia (C-4)
FPW NC 0570StillwaterKushtaka LakeCordova (B-1)
FPW NC 0571Copper RiverSanfordGulkana (B-3)
FPW NC 0572Copper RiverGakonaGulkana (B-3)
FPW NC 0573Copper RiverCopper Center Site
FPW NC 0575Gulkana RiverGulkana RiverGulkana (C-4)
FPW NC 0576West Fork Gulkana RiverWest ForkGulkana (C-5)
FPW NC 0577Gulkana RiverUpper GulkanaGulkana (B-3)
FPW NC 0578Gulkana RiverLower GulkanaGulkana (B-3)
FPW NC 0579Nelchina RiverNelchina RiverGulkana (A-6)
FPW NC 0580Kaina CreekKaina LakeValdez (D-6)
FPW NC 0581Tazlina RiverTazlina LakeGulkana (A-5)
FPW NC 0582Tazlina RiverTazlina Lake (USGS)Gulkana (A-5)
FPW NC 0583Tazlina RiverTazlina LakeGulkana (A-5)
FPW NC 0584Tazlina RiverTazlina Lake Dam Site
FPW NC 0585Tazlina RiverTazlina River (USCE)Gulkana (A-5)
FPW NC 0586Tazlina RiverTazlina River StorageGulkana (A-5)
FPW NC 0587Tazlina RiverTazlina River (Jack)Gulkana (A-5)
FPW NC 0588Tazlina RiverTazlina #2Gulkana (A-5)
FPW NC 0589Tazlina RiverTazlina River Diversion (USGS)Gulkana (A-5)
FPW NC 0590Tazlina RiverTazlina River #2Gulkana (A-5)
FPW NC 0591Tazlina RiverTazlina River Dam Site
FPW NC 0592Tazlina RiverTazlina (APA)Gulkana (A-5)
FPW NC 0593Tazlina RiverGulkana (A-5)
FPW NC 0594Tazlina RiverTazlina #3
FPW NC 0595Tazlina RiverTazlina River #3Gulkana (A-4)
FPW NC 0596Tolsona CreekTolsona CreekGulkana (A-4)
FPW NC 0597Tazlina RiverGulkana (A-4)
FPW NC 0598Tazlina RiverGulkana (A-4)
FPW NC 0599Klutina RiverKlutina LakeValdez (D-5)
FPW NC 0600Klutina RiverKlutina LakeValdez (D-4)
FPW NC 0601Klutina RiverKlutina RiverValdez (D-5)
FPW NC 0602Klutina RiverKlutina Dam Site
FPW NC 0603Klutina RiverKlutinaValdez (D-5)
FPW NC 0604Klutina RiverRiver Mile 8.5Valdez (D-4)
FPW NC 0605Tonsina RiverTonsina LakeValdez (C-3)
FPW NC 0606Tonsina RiverTonsina LakeValdez (C-4)
FPW NC 0607Tonsina RiverTonsina LakeValdez (C-4)
FPW NC 0608Unnamed tributary of Tonsina RiverKenney LakeValdez (C-3)
FPW NC 0609Peacock CreekPeacock CreekMcCarthy (C-8)
FPW NC 0610Roaring CreekRoaring CreekMcCarthy (C-8)
FPW NC 0611Fall CreekFall CreekMcCarthy (D-8)
FPW NC 0612Kotsina RiverKotsina RiverValdez (C-1)
FPW NC 0613Kotsina RiverValdez (C-1)
FPW NC 0614Elliot CreekElliot CreekValdez (C-1)
FPW NC 0615Canyon CreekCanyon CreekMcCarthy (A-4)
FPW NC 0616Kiagna RiverKiagna RiverMcCarthy (A-4)
FPW NC 0617Chitina RiverChitinaMcCarthy (B-6)
FPW NC 0618Chitistone RiverChitistone FallsMcCarthy (C-4)
FPW NC 0619Chitistone RiverChitistoneMcCarthy (B-4)
FPW NC 0620Young CreekNizina RiverMcCarthy (A-4)
FPW NC 0621Nizina RiverNizinaMcCarthy (B-6)
FPW NC 0622McCarthy CreekMcCarthy CreekMcCarthy (B-5)
FPW NC 0623Nizina RiverCanyonMcCarthy (B-6)
FPW NC 0624Nizina RiverNizina RiverMcCarthy (B-6)
FPW NC 0625Nizina RiverKennecottMcCarthy (B-6)
FPW NC 0626Lakina RiverUpper LakinaMcCarthy (B-7)
FPW NC 0627Lakina RiverMiddle LakinaMcCarthy (B-6)
FPW NC 0628Lakina RiverLower LakinaMcCarthy (B-7)
FPW NC 0629Tebay RiverLower Tebay LakeValdez (A-1)
FPW NC 0630Tebay RiverTebay LakesValdez (A-1)
FPW NC 0631Tebay RiverLower Tebay Lake Dam Site
FPW NC 0632Hanagita RiverHanagita LakeMcCarthy (A-8)
FPW NC 0633Tebay RiverHanagita RiverValdez (B-1)
FPW NC 0634Nugget CreekNugget CreekMcCarthy (C-8)
FPW NC 0635Kuskulana RiverUpper Canyon (Kuskulana R. APA)McCarthy (C-8)
FPW NC 0636Middle CanyonMcCarthy (B-8)
FPW NC 0637Kuskulana RiverLower CanyonValdez (B-1)
FPW NC 0638Copper RiverWood CanyonValdez (B-2)
FPW NC 0939Copper RiverWood Canyon Dam Site
FPW NC 0640Ptarmigan CreekPtarmigan DropValdez (A-5)
FPW NC 0641Tsina RiverSmall Creek (Tsina APA)Valdez (A-5)
FPW NC 0642Tsina RiverMile 39Valdez (A-4)
FPW NC 0643Tsina RiverTsinaValdez (B-4)
FPW NC 0644Tiekel CacheValdez (B-4)
FPW NC 0645Tiekel RiverTiekel RiverValdez (A-3)
FPW NC 0646Tiekel RiverTiekel RiverValdez (A-3)
FPW NC 0647Copper RiverCleaveValdez (A-3)
FPW NC 0648Copper RiverPeninsulaValdez (A-3)
FPW NC 0649Bremner RiverNorth Fork Bremner RiverMcCarthy (A-8)
FPW NC 0650Bremner RiverThree Mile CanyonCordova (D-1)
FPW NC 0651Bremner RiverSouth Fork Bremner RiverCordova (D-1)
FPW NC 0652Bremner RiverBremner River (Salmon Site APA)Valdez (A-1)
FPW NC 0653Falls CreekFalls Creek SaddleValdez (A-2)
FPW NC 0654Little Bremner RiverLittle Bremner RiverValdez (A-2)
FPW NC 0655Copper RiverAbercrombie RapidsCordova (C-2)
FPW NC 0656Unnamed tributary of Van Cleve LakeVan Cleve LakeCordova (C-1)
FPW NC 0657Copper RiverMillion DollarCordova (C-2)
FPW NC 0658Salmon Creek tributary of Alaganik SloughUpper Salmon CreekCordova (B-4)
FPW NC 0659Salmon Creek tributary of Alaganik SloughSalmon CreekCordova (B-4)
FPW NC 0660Gulkana/Gakona Site
FPW NC 0661Power CreekMile 6.8Cordova (C-5)
FPW NC 0662Power CreekUpper Power Creek ReservoirCordova (C-5)
FPW NC 0663Power CreekMile 5.2Cordova (C-5)
FPW NC 0664Power CreekMile 4.6Cordova (C-5)
FPW NC 0665Power CreekMile 3.2Cordova (C-5)
FPW NC 0666Power CreekLower Power Creek ReservoirCordova (C-5)
FPW NC 0667Power CreekMile 2.9Cordova (C-5)
FPW NC 0668Power CreekPower CreekCordova (C-5)
FPW NC 0669Power CreekPower CreekCordova (C-5)
FPW NC 0670Power CreekPower Creek Dam Site
FPW NC 0671Unnamed tributary of Gulf of AlaskaUnnamed FallsCordova (B-5)
FPW NC 0672Hartney Creek (upper)Cordova (C-5)
FPW NC 0673Hartney Creek (lower)Cordova (C-5)
FPW NC 0674Heney Creek (lower)Cordova (C-5)
FPW NC 0675Heney Creek (upper)Cordova (C-5)
FPW NC 0676Fleming CreekDevelopment of 95 HPCordova (C-5)
FPW NC 0677Crater LakeCordova (C-5)
FPW NC 0678Orca CreekOrca Creek DiversionCordova (C-5)
FPW NC 0679Humpback CreekCordova (C-5)
FPW NC 0680Humpback CreekHumpback CreekCordova (C-5)
FPW NC 0681Stevens CreekStevens CreekCordova (C-5)
FPW NC 0682Snyder FallsSnyder FallsCordova (C-5)
FPW NC 0683Wesley FallsWesley FallsCordova (C-5)
FPW NC 0684Parson FallsParson FallsCordova (C-5)
FPW NC 0685Robinson FallsRobinson FallsCordova (C-5)
FPW NC 0686Sahlin CreekSahlin LakeCordova (C-6)
FPW NC 0687BeartrapCordova (D-6)
FPW NC 0688Dead CreekDead CreekCordova (D-6)
FPW NC 0689Unnamed tributary of Fish BayCirqueCordova (D-7)
FPW NC 0690Unnamed tributary of Fish BayBillygoatCordova (D-7)
FPW NC 0691ChisnaChisnaCordova (D-7)
FPW NC 0692Horsetail CreekHorsetail FallsCordova (D-7)
FPW NC 0693Lagoon CreekLagoon CreekCordova (D-7)
FPW NC 0694Reynolds CreekReynolds CreekCordova (D-7)
FPW NC 0695Millard CreekMillard CreekCordova (D-7)
FPW NC 0696Duck RiverSilver LakeCordova (D-7)
FPW NC 0697Duck RiverSilver LakeCordova (D-7)
FPW NC 0698Duck RiverSilver LakeCordova (D-7)
FPW NC 0699Duck RiverSilver Lake
FPW NC 0700Duck RiverSilver LakeCordova (D-7)
FPW NC 0701Allison CreekAllison CreekValdez (A-7)
FPW NC 0702Allison CreekAllison CreekValdez (A-7)
FPW NC 0703Allison CreekDayvilleValdez (A-7)
FPW NC 0704Solomon GulchSolomon GulchValdez (A-7)
FPW NC 0705Solomon GulchSolomon GulchValdez (A-7)
FPW NC 0706Lowe RiverHeiden Canyon DiversionValdez (A-5)
FPW NC 0707Lowe RiverKeystone CanyonValdez (A-6)
FPW NC 0708Lowe RiverKeystone CanyonValdez (A-6)
FPW NC 0709Lowe RiverLowe River Dam Site
FPW NC 0710Power CreekPower CreekCordova (C-5)
FPW NC 0711Glacier CreekGlacier CreekValdez (A-7)
FPW NC 0712Mineral CreekMineral CreekValdez (A-7)
FPW NC 0713Gold Creek tributary of Valdez ArmGold CreekValdez (A-7)
FPW NC 0714Uno CreekUno CreekValdez (A-7)
FPW NC 0715Unnamed tributary of Cascade BayCascade BaySeward (D-3)
FPW NC 0716Davis CreekDavis LakeSeward (D-3)
FPW NC 0717Avery RiverAvery RiverSeward (D-3)
FPW NC 0718Lagoon CreekLagoon CreekSeward (D-4)
FPW NC 0719Hobo CreekHobo CreekSeward (D-4)
FPW NC 0720Nellie Juan RiverNellie Juan LakeSeward (B-6)
FPW NC 0721Nellie Juan RiverNellie Juan #1Seward (B-6)
FPW NC 0722Nellie Juan RiverNellie Juan Dam SiteSeward (B-6)
FPW NC 0723Nellie Juan RiverUpper Nellie Juan RiverSeward (B-6)
FPW NC 0724Nellie Juan RiverNellie Juan #2Seward (B-6)
FPW NC 0725Nellie Juan RiverUpper Nellie Juan River Dam Site
FPW NC 0726Nellie Juan RiverLower Nellie Juan RiverSeward (B-5)
FPW NC 0727Nellie Juan RiverNellie Juan #3Seward (B-5)
FPW NC 0728Nellie Juan RiverLower Nellie Juan River Dam Site
FPW NC 0729Hanley CreekHanley CreekSeward (C-4)
FPW NC 0730San JuanSan Juan LakeSeward (A-3)
FPW NC 0731Unnamed tributary of Sawmill BayCrab BaySeward (A-3)
FPW NC 0732Unnamed tributary of Thumb BaySandra LakeSeward (A-3)
FPW NC 0733Wilson RiverHayden LakeSeward (A-3)
FPW NC 0734Bear Creek tributary of Salmon CreekBear LakeSeward (A-7)
FPW NC 0735Lost CreekLost LakeSeward (B-7)
FPW NC 0736Lost CreekLost Lake Dam Site
FPW NC 0737Lost CreekLost Lake Dam Site
FPW NC 0738Paradise (JBD)Seward (A-7)
FPW NC 0739Resurrection RiverParadise (JBD)Seward (A-7)
FPW NC 0740Resurrection RiverParadise (JBD)Seward (A-7)
FPW NC 0741Lowell CreekLowell CreekSeward (A-7)
FPW NC 0742NukaNuka Diversion
FPW NC 0743Ceres LakeSeldovia (B-4)

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Region 6

Southeast Alaska

Alaska map showing Southeast Alaska

FPW NC 0744Thumb CreekThumb CreekKetchikan (D-1)
FPW NC 0745Fish CreekFish Creek (Silver Falls)Ketchikan (D-1)
FPW NC 0746West Fork CreekWest Fork CreekKetchikan (D-1)
FPW NC 0747Davis RiverDavis RiverKetchikan (D-1)
FPW NC 0748Hidden Inlet LakeHidden InletPrince Rupert (D-2)
FPW NC 0749Red RiverRed RiverKetchikan (A-2)
FPW NC 0750Marten Arm LakeMarten Arm LakeKetchikan (A-2)
FPW NC 0751Humpback LakeHumpback LakeKetchikan (A-2)
FPW NC 0752Badger Bay LakeBadger Bay LakeKetchikan (A-3)
FPW NC 0753Bakewell Arm LakeBakewell Arm LakeKetchikan (B-2)
FPW NC 0754Wilson LakeWilson LakeKetchikan (B-2)
FPW NC 0755Winstanley CreekWinstanley CreekKetchikan (B-3)
FPW NC 0756Checats Lake (upper)Checats LakeKetchikan (B-3)
FPW NC 0757Goat LakeBig Goat LakeKetchikan (C-2)
FPW NC 0758Punchbowl LakesUpper Punchbowl LakeKetchikan (B-3)
FPW NC 0759Punchbowl LakesLower Punchbowl LakeKetchikan (C-3)
FPW NC 0760Nooya LakeNooya LakeKetchikan (C-3)
FPW NC 0761Granite LakeGranite LakesKetchikan (C-3)
FPW NC 0762South Fork Chickamin RiverSouth Fork Chickamin River (upper site)Ketchikan (D-2)
FPW NC 0763South Fork Chickamin RiverSouth Fork Chickamin River (lower site)Ketchikan (D-3)
FPW NC 0764Leduc LakeLeduc LakeKetchikan (D-3)
FPW NC 0765Spur MountainSpur MountainBradfield Canal (A-4)
FPW NC 0766Spur Mountain LakeSpur Mountain Lake Dam Site
FPW NC 0767Eagle RiverEagle LakeBradfield Canal (A-5)
FPW NC 0768Eagle RiverEagle River Dam Site
FPW NC 0769Eagle RiverLittle Eagle Lake Dam Site
FPW NC 0770Short CreekReflection LakeBradfield Canal (A-5)
FPW NC 0771Shelokum LakeShelokum LakeKetchikan (D-5)
FPW NC 0772Meyers LakeMeyers LakeCraig (C-1)
FPW NC 0773West Fork Black Bear CreekWest Fork Black Bear CreekCraig (C-1)
FPW NC 0774Bear LakeBear LakeCraig (C-1)
FPW NC 0775Cannery CreekCannery CreekCraig (C-1)
FPW NC 0776Anan LakeAnan LakeBradfield Canal (A-6)
FPW NC 0777North Bradfield RiverNorth Bradfield RiverBradfield Canal (B-5)
FPW NC 0778White RiverWhite RiverBradfield Canal (A-5)
FPW NC 0779Tyee CreekTyee LakeBradfield Canal (A-5)
FPW NC 0780Tyee CreekTyee Lake Dam Site
FPW NC 0781Harding RiverHarding RiverBradfield Canal (B-5)
FPW NC 0782Tom Creek-Campbell LakeTom CreekBradfield Canal (B-6)
FPW NC 0783Marten CreekMarten CreekBradfield Canal (B-6)
FPW NC 0784Aaron CreekAaron CreekBradfield Canal (B-6)
FPW NC 0785Virginia LakeMill CreekPetersburg (B-1)
FPW NC 0786Mill CreekVirginia Lake Dam Site
FPW NC 0787Bussy Creek-La Conte BayWilkes LakesPetersburg (D-2)
FPW NC 0788Scenery CreekScenery LakeSumdum (A-3)
FPW NC 0789Scenery CreekScenery Lake Dam Site
FPW NC 0790Cascade CreekSwan Lake Dam Site
FPW NC 0791Cascade CreekSwan LakeSumdum Reconnaissance
FPW NC 0792Delta CreekRuth LakePetersburg Reconnaissance
FPW NC 0793Unnamed tributary of Port HoughtonSumdum (B-4)
FPW NC 0794Unnamed tributary of Port HoughtonSumdum (B-4)
FPW NC 0795Libby CreekLibby CreekSumdum (B-5)
FPW NC 0796Libby CreekLibby CreekSumdum (B-5)
FPW NC 0797Sweetheart Falls CreekUpper Sweetheart LakeSumdum (D-5)
FPW NC 0798Sweetheart Falls CreekUpper Sweetheart Lake Dam Site
FPW NC 0799Sweetheart Falls CreekLower Sweetheart LakeSumdum (D-6)
FPW NC 0800Sweetheart Falls CreekLower Sweetheart Lake Dam Site
FPW NC 0801Tease CreekTease LakeTaku River (A-6)
FPW NC 0802Speel RiverSpeel RiverTaku River (A-6)
FPW NC 0803Speel RiverSpeel River Dam Site
FPW NC 0804Long RiverLong LakeTaku River (A-6)
FPW NC 0805Long RiverLong Lake Dam Site
FPW NC 0806Crater CreekCrater LakeTaku River (A-6)
FPW NC 0807Crater CreekCrater Lake Dam Site
FPW NC 0808Bear CreekBear CreekJuneau (A-1)
FPW NC 0809Dorothy CreekDorothy LakeJuneau (A-1)
FPW NC 0810Turner CreekTurner LakeTaku River (B-6)
FPW NC 0811Turner CreekTurner Lake Dam Site
FPW NC 0812Yehring CreekSwineford LakesTaku River (B-6)
FPW NC 0813Boundary CreekBoundary LakeTaku River (C-6)
FPW NC 0814Annex CreekAnnex LakeJuneau (B-1)
FPW NC 0815Carlson CreekCarlsonJuneau (B-1)
FPW NC 0816Carlson CreekCarlson Creek Dam Site
FPW NC 0817Sheep CreekSheep CreekJuneau (B-1)
FPW NC 0818Sheep CreekSheep Creek Dam Site
FPW NC 0819Sheep CreekDiversion Dam at ≈mile 1.1
FPW NC 0820Gold CreekGold CreekJuneau (B-2)
FPW NC 0821Salmon CreekSalmon Creek #2Juneau (B-2)
FPW NC 0822Salmon CreekLower Salmon Creek #1Juneau (B-2)
FPW NC 0823Lemon CreekLemon Creek
FPW NC 0824Peterson CreekPeterson LakeJuneau (B-3)
FPW NC 0825Davies CreekDavies CreekJuneau (C-3)
FPW NC 0826Sawmill CreekSawmill CreekJuneau (C-3)
FPW NC 0827Antler LakeAntler LakeJuneau (D-3)
FPW NC 0828Lace LakeLace LakeJuneau (D-3)
FPW NC 0829Dayebas CreekDayibas CreekSkagway (B-1)
FPW NC 0830Dayebas CreekDayebas CreekSkagway (B-1)
FPW NC 0831Kasidaya CreekKasidaya CreekSkagway (B-1)
FPW NC 0832Kasidaya CreekKasidaya Creek
FPW NC 0833Dewey LakesLower Dewey LakeSkagway (B-1)
FPW NC 0834Unnamed tributary of Skagway RiverSkagway TributarySkagway (C-1)
FPW NC 0835Goat LakeSkagway (C-1)
FPW NC 0836Goat LakeGoat LakeSkagway (C-1)
FPW NC 0837Goat LakeGoat LakeSkagway (C-1)
FPW NC 0838Skagway RiverSkagway RiverSkagway (C-1)
FPW NC 0839Skagway RiverSkagway RiverSkagway (C-1)
FPW NC 0840Reid Falls CreekSkagway (B-1)
FPW NC 0841Upper Dewey LakeSkagway (B-1)
FPW NC 0842Taiya River
FPW NC 0843West CreekWest CreekSkagway (C-1)
FPW NC 0844West CreekWest CreekSkagway (C-1)
FPW NC 0845West CreekWest Creek TaiyaSkagway (C-1)
FPW NC 0846West CreekWest Creek
FPW NC 0847Ferebee RiverFerebee RiverSkagway (B-2)
FPW NC 0848Unnamed tributary of Chilkoot RiverLake ProjectSkagway (B-2)
FPW NC 0849Unnamed tributary of Chilkoot RiverUpper Chilkoot LakeSkagway (B-2)
FPW NC 0850Chilkoot RiverChilkoot River DiversionSkagway (B-2)
FPW NC 0851Chilkoot RiverChilkoot Lake DamSkagway (B-2)
FPW NC 0852Chilkoot RiverChilkoot LakeSkagway (B-2)
FPW NC 0853Chilkoot RiverChilkoot Lake Dam SiteSkagway (B-2)
FPW NC 0854Chilkat RiverSkagway (C-3)
FPW NC 0855Chilkat RiverChilkat RiverSkagway (C-3)
FPW NC 0856Haska CreekHaska CreekSkagway (A-2)
FPW NC 0857Endicott RiverJuneau (D-5)
FPW NC 0858Endicott RiverEndicott RiverJuneau (D-5)
FPW NC 0859South Excursion Inlet CreekSouth Excursion Inlet CreekJuneau (B-5)
FPW NC 0860North Excursion Inlet CreekNorth Excursion Inlet CreekJuneau (B-5)
FPW NC 0861Falls CreekFalls CreekJuneau (B-5)
FPW NC 0862Wood LakeWood LakeMount Fairweather (C-2)
FPW NC 0863Dundas RiverAbyss LakeMount Fairweather (C-2)
FPW NC 0864Falls CreekGustavus Site
FPW NC 0865Point Sullivan LakePoint Sullivan LakePort Alexander (C-2)
FPW NC 0866Shipley LakeShipley Lake
FPW NC 0867Towers & Hamilton CreeksTowers BayPetersburg (D-5)
FPW NC 0868Blind RiverCrystal LakePetersburg (C-3)
FPW NC 0869Trout LakeTrout Lake
FPW NC 0870Nadzaheen LakeNadzaheen CreekKetchikan (A-5)
FPW NC 0871Hassler LakeHassler CreekKetchikan (A-5)
FPW NC 0872Chester LakeChester LakeKetchikan (A-5)
FPW NC 0873Purple LakePurple LakeKetchikan (A-5)
FPW NC 0874Waterfall LakeWaterfall LakeDixon Entrance (D-4)
FPW NC 0875Anita LakeAnita LakePetersburg (B-2)
FPW NC 0876Anita Creek - Etolin IslandAnita LakePetersburg (B-2)
FPW NC 0877Anita Creek - Etolin IslandAnita Lake Dam Site
FPW NC 0878Burnett LakeBurnett LakePetersberg (A-2)
FPW NC 0879Kunk Creek - Etolin IslandKunk LakePetersburg (B-2)
FPW NC 0880Kunk Creek - Etolin IslandKunk Lake Dam Site
FPW NC 0881McHenry Creek - Etolin IslandMcHenry LakePetersberg (A-2)
FPW NC 0882Menefee CascadeMenefee LakePetersburg (A-1)
FPW NC 0883Navy CreekNavy LakePetersberg (A-2)
FPW NC 0884Olive LakeOlive LakePetersberg (A-2)
FPW NC 0885Olive Creek - Etolin IslandOlive LakePetersberg (A-2)
FPW NC 0886Olive Creek - Etolin IslandOlive Lake Dam Site
FPW NC 0887Etolin IslandUnnamedPetersberg (A-2)
FPW NC 0888Etolin IslandUnnamedPetersberg (A-2)
FPW NC 0889Etolin IslandUnnamedPetersburg (A-1)
FPW NC 0890Etolin IslandUnnamedPetersburg (A-1)
FPW NC 0891Etolin IslandUnnamedPetersburg (A-1)
FPW NC 0892Etolin IslandUnnamedCraig (D-1)
FPW NC 0893Sukkwan LakeSukkwan LakeCraig (A-3)
FPW NC 0894Coho CreekCoho CreekPetersburg (D-4)
FPW NC 0895Stink CreekStink CreekPort Alexander (C-1)
FPW NC 0896Unnamed tributary of Chatham StraitSmall Lake ProjectPort Alexander (C-1)
FPW NC 0897Black Bear CreekBlack Bear
FPW NC 0898Survey CreekSurvey CreekCraig (D-6)
FPW NC 0899Flicker CreekFlicker CreekPetersburg (B-5)
FPW NC 0900Myrtle CreekMyrtle Creek
FPW NC 0901Aiken Lake
FPW NC 0902Clover CreekClover CreekCraig (B-1)
FPW NC 0903Karta RiverKarta LakeCraig (C-2)
FPW NC 0904Karta River - Prince of Wales IslandKarta LakeCraig (C-2)
FPW NC 0905Kegan CreekKegan Creek
FPW NC 0906Klakas LakeKlakas LakeCraig (A-2)
FPW NC 0907Kugel LakeKugel LakeCraig (A-1)
FPW NC 0908Luck LakeLuck LakeCraig (D-3)
FPW NC 0909Mary’s LakeMary’s LakeCraig (B-2)
FPW NC 0910Reynolds CreekLake MellenCraig (A-2)
FPW NC 0911Reynolds CreekLake MellenCraig (A-2)
FPW NC 0912Neck Island LakeNeck Island LakePetersburg (A-4)
FPW NC 0913Niblack LakeNiblack LakeCraig (A-1)
FPW NC 0914Karta RiverSalmon CreekCraig (C-2)
FPW NC 0915Summit LakeSummit LakeCraig (A-2)
FPW NC 0916Weigle LakeWeigle LakeCraig (A-1)
FPW NC 0917Weigle LakeWeigle LakeCraig (A-1)
FPW NC 0918Swan LakeSwan LakeKetchikan (C-5)
FPW NC 0919Ella LakeElla LakeKetchikan (C-4)
FPW NC 0920Manzanita CreekManzanita Lake #1Ketchikan (C-4)
FPW NC 0921January LakeJanuary LakeKetchikan (C-4)
FPW NC 0922Manzanita CreekManzanita Lake #2Ketchikan (C-3)
FPW NC 0923Grace CreekLake GraceKetchikan (C-3)
FPW NC 0924Grace CreekLake Grace Dam Site
FPW NC 0925Claude LakeClaude LakeKetchikan (D-5)
FPW NC 0926Orchard LakeOrchard LakeKetchikan (D-5)
FPW NC 0927Naha RiverPatching LakeKetchikan (C-5)
FPW NC 0928Lake PerseveranceLake PerseveranceKetchikan (B-6)
FPW NC 0929Walsh CreekWalsh CreekKetchikan (B-6)
FPW NC 0930Carlanna Creek
("Caralanna Creek")
Carlanna LakeKetchikan (B-6)
FPW NC 0931Ketchikan CreekKetchikanKetchikan (B-5)
FPW NC 0932Ketchikan CreekKetchikan Lake Project
FPW NC 0933Lake WhitmanLake WhitmanKetchikan (B-5)
FPW NC 0934Beaver Falls CreekBeaver FallsKetchikan (B-5)
FPW NC 0935Beaver Falls CreekBeaver FallsKetchikan (B-5)
FPW NC 0936Mahoney CreekUpper Mahoney LakeKetchikan (B-5)
FPW NC 0937Mahoney CreekLower Mahoney Lake
FPW NC 0938Mirror LakeMirror LakeKetchikan (B-4)
FPW NC 0939Fish CreekFish CreekKetchikan (B-4)
FPW NC 0940Gokachin RiverGokachin RiverKetchikan (B-4)
FPW NC 0941Thoms LakeThoms LakePetersburg (A-1)
FPW NC 0942Treadwell DitchTreadwell Ditch
FPW NC 0943Chatham CreekChatham CreekSitka (C-3)
FPW NC 0944Sitkoh CreekSitkoh LakeSitka (C-4)
FPW NC 0945Margret CreekMargret CreekMount Fairweather (A-2)
FPW NC 0946Harley CreekHarley CreekSitka (D-4)
FPW NC 0947Indian RiverIndian RiverSitka (D-4)
FPW NC 0948Harley CreekHarley Creek
FPW NC 0949Indian RiverIndian River
FPW NC 0950Pelican Cove CreekPelicanSitka (D-7)
FPW NC 0951Simmons CreekRust LakeSitka (C-6)
FPW NC 0952Pelican Cove CreekPelican Cove CreekSitka (D-7)
FPW NC 0953Kook Lake
FPW NC 0954Falls CreekFalls Creek
FPW NC 0955Porcupine CreekPorcupine CreekSitka (D-8)
FPW NC 0956Goulding Lake (upper)Upper Goulding LakeSitka (D-7)
FPW NC 0957Goulding Lake (lower)Lower Goulding LakeSitka (D-7)
FPW NC 0958Didrickson LakeDidrickson LakeSitka (D-7)
FPW NC 0959Rust CreekRust LakeSitka (C-6)
FPW NC 0960Suloia LakeSuloia LakeSitka (B-6)
FPW NC 0961Patterson CreekPatterson LakeSitka (C-6)
FPW NC 0962Sitkoh LakeSitkoh LakeSitka (B-4)
FPW NC 0963Indian RiverTenakee Springs Site
FPW NC 0964Greene CreekGreene CreekJuneau (A-3)
FPW NC 0965South Funter Bay CreekSouth Funter Bay CreekJuneau (A-3)
FPW NC 0966Eliza LakeEliza Lake
FPW NC 0967Slide LakeSlide LakeJuneau (A-2)
FPW NC 0968Lake KathleenLake KathleenSitka (D-3)
FPW NC 0969Lake FlorenceLake FlorenceSitka (D-3)
FPW NC 0970Thayer CreekThayer LakeSitka (C-2)
FPW NC 0971Jim’s CreekJim’s LakeSitka (C-1)
FPW NC 0972Hasselborg RiverHasselborg RiverSitka (C-1)
FPW NC 0973Conclusion CreekConclusion CreekPort Alexander (A-3)
FPW NC 0974Leona LakeLeona LakePort Alexander (B-3, B-4)
FPW NC 0975Jetty LakeJetty LakePort Alexander (B-2)
FPW NC 0976Sawmill CreekBlue LakeSitka (A-4)
FPW NC 0977Sawmill CreekBlue LakeSitka (A-4)
FPW NC 0978Betty and Jetty LakesBetty and Jetty LakesPort Alexander (B-3, B-4)
FPW NC 0979Betty/Jetty LakeBetty/Jetty LakePort Alexander (B-3, B-4)
FPW NC 0980Nakvassin LakesNakvassin Lakes
FPW NC 0981Banner LakesBanner Lakes
FPW NC 0982Lake Osprey
("Lake Ospery")
Lake Osprey
("Lake Ospery")
FPW NC 0983Hidden Falls LakeUpper Hidden Falls LakeSitka (A-3)
FPW NC 0984Hidden Falls LakeLower Hidden Falls LakeSitka (A-3)
FPW NC 0985Kasnyku LakeKasnyku LakeSitka (A-3)
FPW NC 0986Kasnyku LakeKasnyku Lake Dam Site
FPW NC 0987Takatz CreekTakatz LakeSitka (A-3)
FPW NC 0988Takatz CreekTakatz Lake Dam Site
FPW NC 0989Sadie LakeSadie LakeSitka (A-3)
FPW NC 0990Baranof LakeBaranof LakeSitka (A-3)
FPW NC 0991Coal CreekCarbon LakeSitka (A-3)
FPW NC 0992Baranof LakeBaranof Lake Dam Site
FPW NC 0993Coal CreekCarbon Lake Dam Site
FPW NC 0994Four Falls LakeFour Falls LakePort Alexander (D-3)
FPW NC 0995Milk LakeMilk LakePort Alexander (D-3)
FPW NC 0996Nelson LakesNelson LakesPort Alexander (D-3)
FPW NC 0997Deep LakeDeep LakePort Alexander (D-3)
FPW NC 0998Waterfall LakeWaterfall LakePort Alexander (D-3)
FPW NC 0999Parry LakeParry LakePort Alexander (C-3)
FPW NC 1000Brentwood LakesBrentwood LakesPort Alexander (C-3)
FPW NC 1001Blanchard LakeBlanchard LakePort Alexander (C-3)
FPW NC 1002Finger LakeFinger LakePort Alexander (C-3)
FPW NC 1003Cliff LakeCliff LakePort Alexander (C-3)
FPW NC 1004Deer LakeDeer LakePort Alexander (C-3)
FPW NC 1005Unnamed creek at lake’s outletDeer Lake Dam Site
FPW NC 1006Lower Rostislaf LakeRostislaf LakesPort Alexander (B-2)
FPW NC 1007Maksoutof RiverKhvostof Lake Dam Site
FPW NC 1008Upper Rostislaf LakeRostislaf Lakes
FPW NC 1009Lake BorodinoLake BorodinoPort Alexander (B-3, B-4)
FPW NC 1010Clarks PondClarks PondPort Alexander (B-3, B-4)
FPW NC 1011Andean LakeAndean LakePort Alexander (B-3, B-4)
FPW NC 1012Furuhelm RiverFuruhelm RiverPort Alexander (B-3, B-4)
FPW NC 1013Baturin LakeBaturin LakePort Alexander (B-3, B-4)
FPW NC 1014Maksoutof RiverMaksoutof RiverPort Alexander (C-3)
FPW NC 1015Maksoutof RiverMaksoutof Lake Dam Site
FPW NC 1016Davidof LakeDavidof LakePort Alexander (C-3)
FPW NC 1017Davidof LakeDavidof LakePort Alexander (C-3)
FPW NC 1018Lake PlotnikofLake PlotnikofPort Alexander (C-3)
FPW NC 1019Lake AvossLake AvossPort Alexander (C-3)
FPW NC 1020Benzeman LakeBenzeman LakePort Alexander (D-4)
FPW NC 1021Lake DianaLake DianaPort Alexander (D-4)
FPW NC 1022Lake DianaLake DianaPort Alexander (D-4)
FPW NC 1023Lake EkaterinaLake EkaterinaPort Alexander (D-4)
FPW NC 1024Lake IrinaLake IrinaPort Alexander (D-4)
FPW NC 1025Green LakeGreen LakePort Alexander (D-4)
FPW NC 1026Vodopad RiverGreen Lake Dam Site
FPW NC 1027Medvejie LakeMedvejie Lake
("Medvejia Lake")
Sitka (A-4)
FPW NC 1028Medvejie Lake
("Medvejia Lake")
Medvejie Lake
("Medvejia Lake")
Sitka (A-4)

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