Alaska LNG Project, Draft Environmental Impact Statement.

Author:   United States, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Office of Energy Projects

Publication:   Washington, DC : Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Office Energy Projects, [2019]

June 2019.

Physical description of when printed:   Multiple volumes : color illustrations, color maps ; 28 cm.

Report numbers:   FERC/EIS-0296D   ;   FERC Docket No. CP17-178-000


Volume 1•   Table of contents

•   Acronyms and abbreviations

•   Executive summary

•   Introduction

•   Project description

•   Alternatives

•   Environmental analysis (4.0 to 4.5)

  • 4.1     Geologic resources and geologic hazards
  • 4.2     Soils and sediments
  • 4.3     Water resources
  • 4.4     Wetlands
  • 4.5     Vegetation
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Volume 2•   Environmental analysis (4.6 to 4.12)
  • 4.6     Wildlife resources
  • 4.7     Aquatic resources
  • 4.8     Threatened, endangered, and other special status species
  • 4.9     Land use, recreation, and special interest areas
  • 4.10     Visual resources
  • 4.11     Socioeconomics
  • 4.12     Transportation
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Volume 3 •   Environmental analysis (4.13 to 4.19)
  • 4.13     Cultural resources
  • 4.14     Subsistence
  • 4.15     Air quality
  • 4.16     Noise
  • 4.17     Public health and safety
  • 4.18     Reliability and safety
  • 4.19     Cumulative impacts

•   Conclusions and recommendations

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Appendix A Distribution List for the Draft Environmental Impact Statement379 kb
Appendix BProject Maps
•   Volume 1.   Gas treatment facilities, Point Thomson Unit gas transmission line, Mainline facilities MP 0-35524 MB
•   Volume 2.   Mainline facilities MP 355-54027 MB
•   Volume 3.   Mainline facilities MP 540-64824 MB
•   Volume 4.   Mainline facilities MP 648-806 and liquefaction facilities9 MB
Appendices C, D, E, F•   Appendix C.   Project Description Tables

•   Appendix D.   Modifications to FERC's Plan and Procedures

•   Appendix E.   Denali Alternative Visual Impact Assessment

•   Appendix F.   Seismic Hazards within 5 Miles of the Compressor and Heater Stations

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Appendix GSite-Specific Trenchless Crossing Plans17 MB
Appendices H, I, J•   Appendix H.   Private and Public Water Wells within 500 feet of the Alaska LNG Project

•   Appendix I.   Waterbody Tables

•   Appendix J.   Potential Water Sources for Gas Treatment and Mainline Facilities
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Appendix KWetlands Tables17 MB
Appendices L, M, N•   Appendix L.   Wildlife and Fish Noise Calculated Results and Estimated Number of Vessel Trips

•   Appendix M.   Essential Fish Habitat Assessment

•   Appendix N.   Seasonal Impacts on Fish and Alaska Department of Fish and Game In-Stream Construction Timeframes for Sensitive Fish Species
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Appendix OBiological Assessment13 MB
Appendices P, Q, R•   Appendix P.   Special Status Species Lists

•   Appendix Q.   Recreation Areas Affected by the Project

•   Appendix R.   Landfills, Mines, and Spill/Release Sites near the Project Area
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Appendix SVisual Resources26 MB
Appendices T, U, V, W, X, Y•   Appendix T.   Roads Crossed by the Mainline Pipeline

•   Appendix U.   Bureau of Land Management Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act Section 810 Preliminary Evaluation

•   Appendix V.   Health Impact Assessment

•   Appendix W.   Past, Present, and Reasonably Foreseeable Actions

•   Appendix X.   References

•   Appendix Y.   List of Preparers

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