Alaska Natural Gas Pipeline Act (ANGPA) : [legislative history] / United States. Congress (108th, 2nd session: 2004).

This legislative history compiles the act and amendments in Public Law format, the codified law as published in the U.S. Code.   The primary House and Senate Reports did not contribute additional legislative information, as this legislation was a "Division" of the bills H.R. 4837 and S. 2674.

multiple volumes.

The three one-page and two-page amendments are not cataloged as separate records in The Pipe Files.



2004 Act -- Public Law 108-324

First 2004 Amendment -- Public Law 108-199 - Note: preceeded main act

Second 2004 Amendment -- Public Law 108-447

2007 Amendment -- Public Law 110-140

U.S. Code - codified law -- 15 U.S. Code 720a - 720n