Alaska game regulations : governing recreational, subsistence and commercial uses of Alaska's wildlife.

Publication:   [Juneau, Alaska] : Alaska Board of Game : Alaska Department of Fish and Game, [1984-1989]

Physical description of original:   6 volumes : illustrations, maps (some color) ; 22-26 cm.

Frequency:   Annual

Publication volume/date range:   Began with: No. 25 (1984/1985); ceased with: No. 30 (1989/1990).

Continues ( -no. 24):   Alaska hunting regulations.

Continued by (no. 31- ):   Alaska state hunting regulations.


Issue NumberEffective Dates *APA Number **Notes
No. 251984/1985 APA 2050
APA 3019
(duplicate numbers)
This electronic file includes a copy of the title page with the Harza-Ebasco label showing the APA number (kept here for historical purposes).
No. 261985/1986 APA 3020Large file size: 38 MB
No. 271986/1987 --Copy needs to be rescanned; current scan is barely readable.
No. 281987/1988 --Copy needs to be rescanned; current scan is barely readable.
No. 291988/1989 --Copy needs portions to be rescanned; current scan has many poorly scanned pages.
No. 301989/1990 --Large file size: 33 MB

*     Dates represents "effective dates" between July 1, (year) to June 30 (year).

**   APA Numbers are numbers assigned to documents used for research by the Alaska Power Authority's team for the Susitna-Hydroelectric Power Project.   Only issues no. 25 and 26 were assigned APA numbers.