Public Review Documents

A list of Public Review Documents displayed at ARLIS is available at
. Public Review Documents are not available for download.

Public Review Documents are accepted at the discretion of the ARLIS library team. Potential contributors must complete a Public Review Documents Application Form prior to depositing a collection at ARLIS. The application form is available for download at the sub-page navigation panel to your right.

ARLIS will alert the potential contributor within two weeks of form completion whether the public review documents will be granted space at ARLIS. Priority will be given to items that conform to the ARLIS’s collection development scope. The contributor is solely responsible for maintenance, update, and replacement of any or all portions of its documents deposited at ARLIS.

ARLIS is not responsible for the accuracy, completeness, currency, or availability of the items shelved in the public review documents section. ARLIS will not be responsible for returning Public Review Documents to contributors. Documents that are not retrieved by contributors within two weeks of the posted expiration date of the public review period are subject to disposal by ARLIS.

Unless specifically proscribed from doing so via the Public Review Documents Application Form, ARLIS may add public review documents to ARLIS’s permanent collection after the posted expiration date of the public review period. ARLIS does not track usage frequency or record names of public review document users. Costs may be associated with large collections or long-term placement.