Internet Access

Approved by the ARLIS Founders Board on April 17, 1998

Access to the Internet is provided to expand available information sources pertaining to natural and cultural resources. 

  • -Courtesy to other users is expected. 
  • -Printing is to be confined to materials related to the mission of ARLIS and to less than 20 pages. Printing exceeding 20 pages should be cleared with the Library staff. 
  • -Access to e-mail and interactive dialogs is prohibited.

 When using the Internet, users are not to:

  1. 1. Access, retrieve, or print information which exceeds the bounds of generally accepted standards of good taste and ethics. 
  2. 2. Engage in any activities which violate a United States or Alaska law or regulation or any other activities which would in any way bring discredit to the Library or its founding agencies.   
  3. 3. Engage in personal commercial activities on the Internet, including offering services or merchandise for sale or ordering services or merchandise from on-line vendors.  
  4. 4. Engage in any fund raising, lobbying, or political activity.  Endorse any product or services. 
  5. 5. Engage in any activities that would compromise the security of this or any other computer system or equipment.

 The Library does not warrant the accuracy, correctness or suitability of any information or data furnished through the Internet to users.

Internet activities may be monitored by system or security personnel.  Use of the Internet constitutes consent to security monitoring, and users should remember that Internet sessions are not private.