Exhibits, Displays, Posters

Approved by the ARLIS Founders Board on May 29, 2008

Alaska Resources Library and Information Services will permit the display of posters announcing upcoming events, offer informational leaflets and like material for distribution, and house exhibits for public viewing if these materials meet with all the following criteria:

1)      access to proposed display material is deemed by ARLIS management as beneficial to patrons in their use of the ARLIS library,

2)      the theme of the proposed display material directly reflects the mission of ARLIS’s founding and contributing agencies,

3)      the material can readily be accommodated in size and proportion to available ARLIS display space,

4)      the material is in good condition.

ARLIS reserves the right to decline offers if it believes the proposed materials do not meet these criteria.  ARLIS will remove items for space considerations, when agreed-to timelines have been exceeded, when materials become outdated, or at management’s discretion.

If any person or group believes display opportunities were inappropriately denied, grievances may be directed to the chair of the ARLIS Founders Board.