Conference Room

The ARLIS conference room will be made available for meetings of groups consisting of a maximum of 20 persons. The conference room is intended for use by founding and contributing agencies; other groups will be accommodated if the purpose of their meeting reflects the mission of the founding and contributing agencies. ARLIS founding and contributing agencies will have first priority up to a calendar month before a meeting date. All other requests will be considered in the order in which they are received. Evening and weekend use may be accommodated by prior request.

A form listing the responsible party and specifying closing procedures must be signed prior to conference room use. The form may be downloaded from the sub-menu of this page.

Meetings during library hours must respect noise levels appropriate to library requirements. A kitchenette is available in the conference room for preparing refreshments. ARLIS staff will administer all conference room scheduling and usage. The conference room may not be used for meetings which are partisan, commercial or religious in their purpose. Use of the conference room does not constitute endorsement by ARLIS or any of its founding or contributing agencies.