Code of Conduct

Approved by the ARLIS Founders Board on May 29, 2008

Library users in violation of the ARLIS Public Code of Conduct may be asked for identification; may be subject to a search of backpacks or bags; may be asked to leave or be permanently banned from ARLIS, and/or reported to University Police.  Other disciplinary or legal action may be taken in accordance with applicable laws and policies.  ARLIS assumes no responsibility for personal belongings or for the actions or activities of any individuals or groups using ARLIS premises.

Library users are expected to respect the rights of others, the integrity of library resources and the research mission of the library.  Therefore, all library users must:

Use ARLIS computers, equipment or facilities only for research purposes within the ARLIS scope and mission: Alaska natural and cultural resources.

Be aware that compliance with the ARLIS Internet Policy will be strictly enforced and applies to the use of ARLIS public computers and patron laptop computers.

Comply with all ARLIS policies and signage.  All policies are available at and at the ARLIS reference desk.

Limit equipment use during times of heavy demand.

Arrange seven days in advance for computer use by large groups.

Respond to emergency and security gate alarms and other situations as instructed by staff.

Limit use of the library to authorized areas only.

Have drinks in covered containers.

University students are also expected to comply with the UAA  Student Code of Conduct.

Behaviors that infringe upon the rights of library users or staff are prohibited and include, but are not limited to, the following.  Library users may not:

Damage, deface, destroy, alter, misuse or steal library materials, equipment, computer hardware, software, or facilities.

Exhibit any threatening or intimidating behaviors to others; e.g., abusive language, threats of violence or harassment.

Create disturbances by engaging in loud conversation or disorderly, boisterous or disruptive behavior.

Use cell phones, audio equipment or musical instruments in a manner that is distracting to others or interferes with library service.

Solicit or sell items for commercial, personal, political or religious purposes within ARLIS, or distribute, display or post materials that have not been previously approved by the ARLIS Management Team.

Relocate ARLIS furniture or equipment without the permission of ARLIS staff.

Photograph or videotape within ARLIS without prior approval from ARLIS staff, with the exception of photographs of documents for research purposes.

Enter an unauthorized area without staff approval or remain in the library after the building closes or when requested to leave during emergency situations.

Leave children under 12 years of age unattended.

Possess or use alcohol or controlled substances on ARLIS premises.

Smoke in the library building.

Carry weapons of any type.

Litter or consume meals in ARLIS and must dispose of trash in appropriate receptacles.

Use library restroom facilities for inappropriate purposes such as loitering, bathing, shaving, or laundering clothes.

Interfere with the use of an area by another person by offensive personal hygiene or inappropriate bodily function, or have personal hygiene that materially disrupts others from using library facilities, collections or services.

Neglect to wear appropriate clothing such as shirts or footwear.

Use ARLIS for overnight lodging; engage in prolonged or chronic sleeping; or sleep on the floor in the library.

Bring animals into the facility, with the exception of service animals assisting patrons experiencing disabilities.

Leave personal belongings unattended for extended periods or bring in excessive items that cannot be stowed under a standard study chair.

Engage in any other illegal acts or conduct in violation of federal, state or local law, ordinance or regulation.