Challenged Materials

Approved by the ARLIS Founders Board on April 3, 2012.

Requests for the withdrawal of an item from the ARLIS collection will not be considered

1) unless the request originates with the chief information officer of the requesting agency or regional office;
2) unless the agency requesting the withdrawal is the agency for which the document was produced;
3) if the item is also in the collection of another library, unless simultaneous requests are generated and fulfilled.

The reasons for removing the item from the collection must be clearly stated in the requesting letter. ARLIS librarians may seek input from experts in the subject matter to verify the need for withdrawal from the ARLIS collection. Items will not be withdrawn from ARLIS to satisfy differences of opinion on a topic, to gain parity in the number of items on a given topic, or to screen legally available information from the public.

If an acceptable resolution involves ARLIS staff redacting challenged information from the item, the requesting agency will provide an information sheet explaining the necessary omissions. If the item is considered outdated or superseded, ARLIS may instead denote this status via a disclaimer on the front cover and/or title page and a note in the catalog record.

The final decision regarding challenged materials will be the responsibility of the ARLIS Management Team.