Title Results
A bibliography of beaver, trout, wildlife, and forest relationships with special references to beaver and trout - Technical bulletin no. 137 1
A conditional demand approach to appliance usage estimates for single-family homes in the Pacific Northwest 1
A critique of Susitna Hydroelectric Project economic and financial update, draft report, February 27, 1984 - Alaska Power Authority 1
A Delphi forecast of Alaska's development: The year 2000 & beyond 1
A desk study of the relationship between temperature and hatching time for the eggs of five species of salmonoid fish 1
A dynamic reservoir simulation model - DYRESM: 5 1
A fiscal model for Alaska: Structure and policy applications 1
A fisheries inventory of waters in the Lake Clark National Monument area 1
A geometric methodology for archaeological survey: An alternative to statistical and ethnological approaches 1
A hydrologic reconnaissance of the Susitna River below Devil's Canyon 1
A land capability classification system for beaver (Castor canadensis kuhl) 1
A model for predicting fish impingement at cooling water intakes 1
A Model of Alaska 1
A national micro-data based model of residential electricity demand: New evidence on seasonal variation 1
A play approach to hydrocarbon resource assessment and evaluation 1
A prediction of the downstream response of Poplar Creek, California, to the Dutch Gulch Dam 1
A predictive model for transient temperature distributions in unsteady flows 1
A prescriptive FERC environmental assessment process : a case study and recommendations from the Terror Lake Project 1
A progress report on fishery resources of the Susitna River Basin, Third Judicial Division, Territory of Alaska 1
A quarterly model of the Alaska economy 1