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Reports, articles, maps and data relating to minerals and mining occur in many print and digital collections at ARLIS. No individual index or catalog provides a single point of access/information discovery. Similarly , information on minerals and mining is shelved in many locations in the book stacks and ARLIS, not in a single section.

For published books and articles, including reports of the US Geological Survey and Alaska Department of Natural Resources, the ARLIS Catalog is a good place to start. Access the ARLIS catalog using the search box located on the left side of this page, and most pages on the ARLIS site. Search by author, title, or keyword, including name of place or river or stream.

More specialized search tools and collections, described below, are listed in the menus at the right side of this page.

Many resources listed on this page were developed through the Minerals Data and Information Rescue Program in Alaska (MDIRA) and through the work the former Rishel Mineral Information Center in Juneau, also described in the menus at the right side of this page.

Alaska Data Resource Files — Current index to descriptions of mines, prospects, and mineral occurrences, published by the US Geological Survey. Arranged by USGS Quadrangle.

Alaska Geographic Data Index — Index to the Anaconda Collection at ARLIS and other mineral related collections in Alaska.

Cobb’s Index — Quadrangle and place index to USGS, BLM and AK geological and mining publications for Alaska through 1972.

Kardex –Alaska Kardex quadrangle map overlays, arranged by quadrangle.

Kardex –Alaska Kardex file images, arranged by quadrangle.

Maps –High resolution maps of Alaska, digitized by Juneau Mineral Information Center, arranged by location or subject.

MAS Files –Mineral Availability System files for Alaska, arranged by quadrangle.

Online ┬áSpatial Data / Alaska –Interactive map showing multiple geospatial scientific data sets.

Bureau of Mines Publications – Alaska related files, arranged by quadrangle.

Forest Service Publications – Alaska related files.

National Park Service
US Geological Survey
Bureau of Ocean Energy Management
University of Alaska Anchorage
Alaska Department of Fish & Game
Bureau of Land Management
Fish & Wildlife Service
Bureau of Safety & Environmental Enforcement
Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Trustee Council