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Title: Mineral Investigations In The Juneau Mining District, Alaska, 1984-1988, Volume 2. - Detailed Mine, Prospect, and Mineral Occurrence Descriptions: Section D - Juneau Gold Belt Subarea
Author: Staff
Year: 1989
Pages: 387 pp.
Availability: Volume 2d (PDF format, 47,390 Kb)
Figure D-4 (JPG format, 2,705 Kb)
Figure D-5 (JPG format, 3,509 Kb)
Figure D-6 (JPG format, 2,195 Kb)
Figure D-8 (JPG format, 499 Kb)
Figure D-11 (JPG format, 1,154 Kb)
Figure D-12 (JPG format, 1,067 Kb)
Figure D-13 (JPG format, 1,457 Kb)
Figure D-14 (JPG format, 1,148 Kb)
Figure D-20 (JPG format, 939 Kb)
Figure D-21 (JPG format, 1,068 Kb)
Figure D-28 (JPG format, 880 Kb)
Figure D-30 (JPG format, 1,781 Kb)
Figure D-40 (JPG format, 1,096 Kb)
Figure D-44 (JPG format, 809 Kb)
Figure D-125 (JPG format, 780 Kb)
Figure D-203 (JPG format, 1,620 Kb)
Figure D-204 (JPG format, 779 Kb)
Figure D-206 (JPG format, 796 Kb)
Figure D-221 (JPG format, 724 Kb)

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