Alaska LNG Project Updates -- compiled by Larry Persily

The publication Alaska LNG Project Updates is produced by Larry Persily, an Alaskan journalist whose expertise is Alaska LNG and gas line issues.   His former affiliations include:

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Publication DateTitle
May 26, 2015 Alaska LNG reviews pipeline route with government agencies
May 29, 2015 Energy Department approves Alaska LNG exports
June 9, 2015 Tokyo Gas sees Alaska in potential LNG supply mix
July 7, 2015 Pipeline building a choreography of coordinated steps
August 26, 2015 Cook inlet pipeline crossing is about making the best choices
September 16, 2015 LNG plant construction a huge undertaking
October 7, 2015 Hard times, hard decisions for LNG projects
October 8, 2015 FERC asks public what should be covered in Alaska LNG review
October 13, 2015 FERC has full workload with LNG export projects
October 22, 2015 FERC schedules 12 hearings statewide on LNG project
October 26, 2015 Alaska LNG project shares information on possible highway relocation
December 14, 2015 Public submits wide-ranging comments on Alaska LNG project to FERC
December 28, 2015 Alaska LNG working to answer agencies' questions
February 19, 2016 Weak market could delay Alaska LNG project
March 10, 2016 Next round of LNG project reports to FERC expected to start late spring
March 16, 2016 'Homeless LNG' likely to keep market oversupplied this decade
April 26, 2016 Alaska LNG outlines issues for next round of resource reports
June 28, 2016 Alaska LNG provides more details on project construction
September 1, 2016 Regulators continue review of LNG project reports
November 15, 2016 FERC sends 266 pages of comments, questions to Alaska LNG
November 22, 2016 FERC sends more comments, questions to Alaska LNG
November 30, 2016 Denali Park pipeline routing waits on congressional action
December 28, 2016 FERC sends final questions on draft reports to Alaska LNG : Federal review in holding pattern, awaiting project applicant responses
February 15, 2017 Supporters push for more consideration of Valdez LNG site
March 7, 2017 State signs on to cover costs of FERC-approved contractor for EIS
April 27, 2017 State corporation awaits FERC review of LNG project application
May 30, 2017 Alaska LNG filing attracts opponents, supporters
June 8, 2017 LNG market could get worse before it gets better
July 7, 2017 FERC sends 55-page data request to state in review of Alaska LNG
August 10, 2017 State advises FERC some answers will take until January 2018
August 31, 2017 State still expects FERC to issue EIS schedule this fall
October 13, 2017 State responds to last of FERC's initial data requests; waits for EIS schedule
November 17, 2017 State asks FERC for 'immediate action' on environmental review
December 21, 2017 State continues answering questions for environmental review
January 15, 2018 Mat-Su Borough challenges Nikiski selection for LNG plant site
February 15, 2018 FERC advises state it is falling short in providing information for EIS