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  • 09Feb

    About the Susitna Doc Finder

    The Susitna Doc Finder is a comprehensive catalog of documents that have resulted from every phase of the historic 1980s Susitna Hydroelectric Project (SuHydro Project), as well as those documents continually being produced since 2010 under the current Susitna-Watana Hydroelectric Project (SuWa Project).

    The catalog is powered by VuFind and features:

    • Maximal searchability
    • Mobile-friendly usage on devices of all sizes and shapes
    • Automatic display of cover images of all PDFs
    • Indexing of full text of all PDFs
    • Relevancy-ranked search results

    Every historic and current report is available via the Susitna Doc Finder. These include:

    Project Name Report Types
    Susitna Hydroelectric Project (SuHydro) APA, RTS, SUS
    Susitna-Watana Hydroelectric Project (SuWa) SuWa

    Detailed explanation of each type of report is below.

    SuHydro Project Reports

    ARLIS maintains the most extensive collection of historic Susitna Hydroelectric Project publications found anywhere. The Susitna Hydroelectric Project, costing an estimated $227 million in research during the 1970s and 1980s, produced a body of work exceeding 5,000 reports. ARLIS continually strives to discover more documents to amass the most complete collection possible.

    Three large series of SuHydro Project reports are represented in the Susitna Doc Finder, as follows:

    APA Reports: These were compiled, indexed, and numbered by the Alaska Power Authority (APA). These are comprised of agency reports, contracted reports, and books, articles, and excerpts that contain information relevant to the historic project.

    • A scanned copy of the numerical index may be found at:

    The title of the finding aid is Susitna Hydroelectric Project Document Index.

    RTS Reports: Aquatic Studies, conducted by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, received RTS report numbers. There are several finding aids for these.

    • Brief version:
    • Annotated version:
    • Enhanced annotated version with covers and tables of contents of each report:

    The title of the finding aid is Susitna River Aquatic Studies: Divisions of Sport and Commercial Fisheries.
    SUS Reports: These reports were compiled and numbered by Arctic Environmental Information and Data Center (AEIDC) in fulfilment of an aquatic impact study project.

    • A scanned copies of the numerical index may be found at:
    The title of the finding aid is Susitna Aquatic Impact Assessment Project Bibliography.

    SuWa Project Reports

    SuWa Reports:

    These reports are mainly produced by agencies and contractors associated with the Susitna-Watana Hydroelectric Project (SuWa Project). ARLIS has systematically assigned SuWa numbers and included uniform cover pages for each SuWa report.

    ARLIS’s Role

    Alaska Resources Library and Information Services (ARLIS) has been under contract to the Alaska Energy Authority since 2009 to maintain and augment these collections in support of the present day Susitna-Watana Hydroelectric Project. ARLIS has digitized all available SuHydro reports. SuWa reports are born digital and ARLIS has created a permanent paper repository of all SuWa reports.

    More of these reports are being discovered as the project continues to develop, and additional scanning and linking is occurring. Donations of SuHydro collections (small and large) are always welcome.

    About ARLIS

    ARLIS was founded by eight state, federal, and University agencies to form a comprehensive collection related to the natural and cultural resources of Alaska. ARLIS is a full-service library that provides reference and bibliographic services, and is used by government agencies, the private sector, University students and the public.

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