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Approved by the ARLIS Founders Board on March 14, 2001

Items may be weeded from the ARLIS collection if there is an excess number of copies or if copies have become worn out or damaged. In the event that collection development staff in cooperation with the ARLIS Management Team determines an excess number of copies exists for a particular title in the ARLIS collection, copies with barcodes from ADF&G, AEIDC, ARLIS, BLM, FWS, MMS, NPS, or USGS may be weeded from the collection and the associated record deleted from the ARLIS catalog.  The original OSPIC collection must remain whole and no item with an OSPIC barcode may be weeded from the ARLIS collection.  An item may also be weeded, barring historic or intrinsic value, if its edition has been superseded or information outdated, or if the subject matter is determined to be outside the scope of ARLIS’s collection development policy.


Collection development staff must consult with the agency librarian who brought more than one copy to the collection regarding sufficiency issues.

In the event of excess copies, wear is the first consideration for weeding.

After wear is considered, BLM’s Alaska Resources Library barcoded item may be the first library copy weeded.

Cataloged AEIDC items weeded from the ARLIS collection will be offered back to the AEIDC librarian rather than discarding.

Excess items (whether cataloged or gifted) having to do with oil spills or items produced by FWS will be offered back to OSPIC and FWS librarians rather than discarding.

Items generated by NPS that are being discarded will examined by Frank Norris of NPS before discarding.

Bar codes from weeded cataloged items should be removed from the ARLIS catalog after collection development staff, in cooperation with the ARLIS management team, has approved the discard of a cataloged item.

National Park Service
US Geological Survey
Bureau of Ocean Energy Management
University of Alaska Anchorage
Alaska Department of Fish & Game
Bureau of Land Management
Fish & Wildlife Service
Bureau of Safety & Environmental Enforcement
Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Trustee Council